Engagement Ring Shopping: A Guide to Buying the Ring That Will Make Her Say Yes

Getting married is a thrilling chapter to go onboard. But, before you start a new life with your significant other, you have to ask them for their hand first.

If you’re planning to follow the age-old tradition of getting down on your knee, you know that the engagement ring matters in making the day special. Each ring is unique and has specific qualities that make it valuable, so how do you choose the right ring?

Here are guidelines you can refer to so your ring shopping becomes more convenient:

Learn your fiancée’s jewelry preference

Diamonds are the most common choice for engagement rings, but they are not the only gemstones available. Your fiancée might prefer rubies or sapphires. If you can’t get the information out of her, ask her parents or close friends for an idea.

Determine her ring size

Secretly borrow one of her rings and have a jeweler measure them. The Knot, a website dedicated to wedding planning, recommends creating a mold of the ring by pressing it on a bar of soap.

Determine a budget

Just because you want the engagement to be special doesn’t mean you have to spend half a year’s worth of salary for a ring. Buy only the ring you can afford.

If you’re not sure how much to spend on a ring, ask friends and family members who have proposed. You can also refer to the national average cost of buying an engagement ring, which is $5,900 as of 2019.

Learn the Four Cs

If you’re leaning toward diamonds, arm yourself with the essential knowledge of how to determine high-quality gems. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has set four acceptable standards for diamonds, also known as the Four Cs:


According to the GIA, the diamonds with the highest quality are those that have no color, like a drop of pure water.


Diamond clarity involves the lack of blemishes or inclusions visible to an expert grader under 10x magnification. These characteristics affect the brilliance and transparency of a diamond.


A diamond cut refers to how its facets interact with light. As one of the most technically tricky aspects to analyze, a cut is determined based on factors like:

  • Brightness: How white light is reflected from the diamond
  • Fire: How white light from the diamond scatters into all the colors of the rainbow
  • Scintillation: The amount of sparkle a diamond creates

engagement ring

Carat Weight

The price of a diamond increases with its weight, as well as the three other Cs.

Choosing the band

The gemstone may be the center of the ring, but its band is equally important. Some women prefer silver ring bands, while others like gold or platinum. Other contemporary band options include white, yellow, and rose gold. To be safe, choose a band color that your fiancée commonly wears in her jewelry.

Double-check the ring with the jeweler

It’s better to head to the jewelry store to see the ring yourself before making a purchase. The jewelry you see in promotional materials have been touched up by jewelry retouching services, so you won’t get a full and authentic view of the ring until you see it in person.

If you’re thinking of spending the rest of your life with your partner, getting engaged is the first step to take. Before you pop the question, make sure you choose the engagement ring that she will love to wear before you add the more important piece: her wedding ring.

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