What to Remember When Buying an Engagement Ring

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Proposing to your loved one can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Besides, you are asking them to marry you, yet you do not know exactly how they will react or what they will say. In addition, you will be spending the rest of your life with them, and this can be a scary and thrilling thought for both of you.

If you are clueless about diamond and engagement rings, then you definitely should do your research before buying a ring. Here, we will discuss a couple of things you should remember when buying a diamond ring in Utah.

Look for a Jeweler

Whether you are trying to buy an engagement ring online or in-store, you should always look for a jeweler. Talk to them and ask the questions you have in mind. You can even ask them to help you choose the right engagement ring for your loved one!

A jeweler can also help you with small repairs, adjustments, and ring maintenance, so you can bring it to them if ever the ring is too small or too big for your partner.

Know the Basics: The Difference between White Gold and Platinum

You should know the type of ring and material you are getting. If your partner prefers white gold over platinum, then you might want to learn more about white gold and vice versa.

Platinum rings are more on the white spectrum, while white gold is more on the yellow side. White gold has that type of appearance because of the combined alloys, gold, and rhodium plating. This means that white gold rings will eventually reveal a yellowish tinge, and it that it should be repolished and replated. Platinum rings are stronger and heavier than white gold and can hold its color longer than a white gold ring.

Close up of man holding wedding ring and gift box.Go for a Bigger yet Under Carat Stone

If you prefer to have the diamond go way bigger, but you have quite a limited budget, then you might want to go for an under carat stone instead. Diamond rings that have a 0.7 carat instead of 1 carat or 1.8 carats instead of 2 carats can be a little bit less expensive than those with bigger carats.

You do not have to worry, though, as the ring and diamond will still be visibly big. The only difference is that the ones with pure diamond carats will be heavier and shinier. If you and your partner do not mind these things, then definitely go for the one with a lower carat.

Communicate with Your Jeweler

The most important thing of all is to communicate with your jeweler properly. You have to be clear about what you like, especially when it comes to the band, diamond, style, and material of the ring. Listen to their suggestions and be ready to accept those, as they know what is best for the ring.

You should also do your own research and tell them exactly what you want, as they definitely would not want to be kept in the dark when it comes to their clients and products.

Discreetly ask your partner about what they like when it comes to the ring. Make sure to do it every once in a while and not all at once so they would not get the hint and expect right away. You definitely want this to be a big and happy surprise, don’t you?


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