Unusual First Date Ideas

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Dinner, drinks, and a movie are the standard activities for going out on a first date, but there’s no rule that keeps you making your date non-standard. When you’re finally going out with the person you met online, at a bar or even through a professional matchmaker in NYC, try these unconventional first-date ideas to sweep them off their feet.

Take a Cocktail-Making Class

Instead of simply taking your potential beau to a bar to get drinks, why not learn how to make the drinks together first? There’s a slew of cocktail-making classes you can sign up for as a pair. Learning how to make a good margarita, mojito, or other exquisite cocktail together can be a fun and amusing experience.

Go to a Cat or Dog Café

A quick way to tell if your date is compassionate and loves animals is to take them to a cat or dog café. That way, you can already determine which side of the furry fence he or she stays on—cats or dogs? If he or she approves of your choice, their heart will melt. The only caveat is if you find out they’re allergic to either animal.

Take them to Karaoke

microphoneFind a good bar that offers private karaoke rooms. If they agree to sing their heart out with you, that could be a good sign that they’re comfortable enough with you to be themselves, and don’t mind goofing around. It’s also a great opportunity to discover their musical tastes, and if your musical preferences match—they could be a potential love match!

Get in and Out of an Escape Room

Are you the type that likes puzzles and brain-teasers and think you’d like to be with someone similar to you? Then get to an Escape Room. You can give your date a thrilling adrenaline rush as you work together to escape a range of make-believe, life-or-death scenarios like a haunted house, alien spaceship on an invasion mission to Earth, or a grisly laboratory of a strange cult. Taking on an Escape Room together is a good way to see if they can “work” with you, if they’re a more creative or logical type, and most of all, if they’re fun to hang out with.

Visit a Fortune Teller

Another fun date can be visiting a palm or Tarot card reader. You can have the fortune teller read your cards and tell you if you have a future together or if you’ll end up divorced. Don’t bribe the fortune teller beforehand to tell your date you’re soulmates. Have the palm or card readings done all in good fun and use it as a conversation-starter afterwards when you get dinner, cocktails, or coffee.

The idea of going on 1st, 2nd and hopefully more dates with someone you’re attracted to is to get to know them better. And the key to knowing them better is enjoying time together so they become comfortable in your presence, relax and open up to you about their interests, plans and dreams for the future.

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