The Right Things to Have to Be a Better Gamer


Gaming has become a juggernaut of an industry in the past 20 years. What used to be perceived as a hobby for nerds has now become a respected interest for many. It’s further legitimized by the growth of the e-sports industry.

Now, millions of people use various games to compete for millions of dollars around the world. It’s become so massive that investments in game design and creation have skyrocketed, too. In fact, the most expensive game developments have reached hundreds of millions in cost. According to Business Insider, the game Destiny has cost its developers $500 million to create, making it the most expensive video game ever made.

They’re able to make such games because of the ever-increasing number of people playing them. And if you’re a gamer, you probably know that it’s not always as easy as it looks. Don’t worry; here are four tips for becoming a better gamer:

The Right Settings

Every gamer is unique. It makes sense that each person will require different computer settings to optimize their performance. Switching to a lower sensitivity, for example, can mean the difference between playing fairly well and owning a game, especially in competitive first-person shooters.

For PC gamers, the right settings can also improve how their game runs. The better your game runs on your computer, the better you play without limits.

The Right Gear

Although skill plays a crucial role in video game success, the need for the best gear cannot be discounted. A medium-skilled gamer can defeat a top-tier one if the former has dramatically better gear. If your computer keeps stuttering, you won’t be able to play well, and you can’t really enjoy your game.

But it’s also not a matter of buying the most expensive stuff. Finding gear that you love to use can help more than a few added features.


The Right Goals

Wanting to improve as a gamer is a commitment. If you want to be good, you’ll have to practice and learn everything you can about the game you’re playing. Even in your downtime, you should focus on other activities that can help you improve.

Reading articles, watching video tutorials, and witnessing competitive gameplay are all great activities to stay on top of what’s new in the games you play. According to Game Design Lounge, by reducing mindless activities in your life, you can increase your mind’s capacity to react faster to games. The article also advises to take on hobbies that can help, such as solving 3-D puzzles.

The Right Attitude

Unfortunately, some parts of the gaming industry is known for its bad reputation. Trash talk in play is commonplace in some game communities, and this is a shame. It reduces the industry’s credibility and also repels new players from joining in. If you ever encounter these examples of “toxic” behavior, you should have the right attitude and not engage.

There is also a definite impression that gaming discriminates against women. According to the Frontiers in Psychiatry, there are evident biases favoring men in gaming. To be a better gamer, you should move past this prejudice and simply play the game—whether you’re male or female.

Being a better gamer is a mix of having the right settings, gear, goals, and attitude. Make the most of the games you play by following these tips.

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