What to Expect from Getting Permanent Makeup

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Various people have permanent makeup in Utah for different reasons. Some people prefer getting this treatment because they do not want to spend an hour every day applying cosmetics to their face. Other people prefer this because they’re allergic to the chemicals in makeup products. A few people prefer permanent makeup because an accident disfigured them and the only way to reconstruct their features is through permanent makeup.

If you fall under any of those categories, feel free to check out what permanent makeup can do for you. But before you undergo the procedure, learn first about what to expect after you get permanent makeup.

You cannot get them wet

After you have undergone the procedure, your doctor will probably advise you to keep the areas with permanent makeup dry for a few days. It is going to take some effort trying to stay dry, but then it will only be for a few days. This also means that you should keep your face away from the shower for a while. When showering, tilt your head to the side to avoid letting the water fall down on your face. To add protection to your face, you can shield it with a dry hand towel.

If you had your lips done, then you should not drink water or any liquid straight from the glass or container. You should use a straw to drink water or soda. Avoid eating food that has a lot of sauce to keep your lips dry. If you have permanent makeup on your areolas, most clinics will provide you with barrier tape to cover it while you shower. But if you do not have barrier tape, purchase some gauze and waterproof tape to keep it dry. You should still avoid letting water spray onto your chest because those items will not necessarily keep water from getting in. Shower carefully or use a wet hand towel or wet wipes on your chest.

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Stay away from the sun

You have to avoid getting under the sun because the UV rays could burn your permanent makeup and make it look darker. Stay inside your house for a week if you can. But if you need to go out always, bring an umbrella with you and apply sunscreen.

Do not panic if the color darkens

When you are going to get permanent makeup, you will be shown first what the end result will look like. But after a few days, you will notice that the color of your pigmentation is a lot darker than what you are hoping it to look like. When this happens, do not worry because it is perfectly normal. According to dermatologists, your skin will become darker after a few days of getting permanent makeup, but it will lighten after a week.

Prepare yourself if you want to get permanent makeup. Know more about the advantages of this procedure as well as the disadvantages so that you will be prepared for any outcome once you step into your dermatologist’s clinic.

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