Trinkets to Remember: Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Favors

Wedding favor for guests

Weddings are huge events that need thorough planning to make sure that everything flows seamlessly. You need to consider so many factors, such as the venue, your guests, the food, the motif, your dress and your bridesmaid’s dresses, and even the photographers in charge of the event.

With so much to do, you could easily drown in the big tasks, such as looking for wedding dresses in Provo, and forget the little details in your wedding preparation. Among the things you shouldn’t forget are the wedding favors – those little trinkets you give away at the end of the event as a gesture of gratitude to your guests – since they have been a part of traditional weddings.

To help you sort out your wedding favors, below are some tips and concepts to consider:

Ideas for Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are not only thank-you gifts; they may reflect the culture or interests of the newlyweds. You can buy ready-made wedding favors from your favorite trinket shop, or have them personalized for your wedding. You can have your trinkets or giveaways match your motif or represent you and your spouse. Wedding favors can be anything from decorative figurines to practical items your guests can use, such as a wine glass.

You may choose to make your wedding favors edible too, so your guests need not keep items that may clutter their home (which is what happens with some wedding favors). Giving out sweet, tasty wedding favors deliver the same message as a small trinket does.

In the past, European aristocrats gave out small trinket boxes made of precious stones, crystal, or porcelain to wedding guests. These contain sugar cubes or other dainty confections. At the time, these wedding favors were a symbol of wealth and royalty.

Today, wedding giveaways include mini champagne bottles, decorative wine glasses, cocktail shakers, small decorative figurines, and sweet treats like pastries, cookies, and biscuits.

If you want your wedding favor to stand out from the rest, here are more creative wedding favor ideas:

  • Small potted succulents
  • Flower or garden seeds that your guests can easily plant
  • Tote bags
  • Personalized cookies
  • Customized glassware
  • Mini mason jars
  • Custom made soap
  • Stylish sunglasses
  • Personalized coasters
  • Small, customized perfume bottles

Wedding favor on a tableA wedding favor acts simultaneously as a symbol of your gratitude and a marker of your married life. You should take into consideration your wedding motif, colors, and themes when planning your wedding favor.

Additionally, since wedding favors are usually what your guests remember you by, it would be nice to choose an item that reflects you as a couple or your relationship with your spouse. For example, if you’re both dog lovers, you can have a dog figurine made. If you met on a cruise ship, a wedding favor in the shape of a ship will be apt.

Be fun, straightforward or wacky in your choice of wedding favor. The trick to picking the perfect one is knowing the message you want to convey with it.

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