Unique Ways to Enhance of Your Front Yard

Front lawn

Every homeowner should focus on improving the exterior of their home. More than you know, landscaping can add value to your home. Plus, a well-landscaped home can impress all your guests and look more inviting. Here are some tips to help you make your front lawn beautiful.

Choose a Focal Point

When you are enhancing the look of the front of your home, you should choose a focal point. You do not want to have too many things going on, because a cluttered front yard can be unattractive. For the front of your home, we recommend that you choose your front door as a focal point to add a welcoming vibe. There are many ways you can put more focus on your front door. For instance, you can add a wreath to your door or strategically plant trees to frame it.

Spray Your Trees

Taking care of trees is a labor of love because a tree can take years to grow to its full size. So if your tree gets a disease, it can be painful to chop it down to avoid infecting the other trees. What is worse is that you may not have noticed that the tree was sick, which made it affect all the other ones! You should find a company that offers services to prevent tree disease in Salt Lake City. That way, you will avoid the trouble of chopping down sick trees and planting new ones.

Use Ground Covers

Whether you want to complement your grass or find an alternative for it, ground covers are always a great idea. They look neat and are very easy to take care of since they are dense and low to the ground. They come in various colors, so you can choose which ones will complement the color scheme of your yard. Plus, you can install spring bulbs around your yard since the ground cover can hide dead leaves once the bulbs bloom.

Lawn decoration

Create a Beautiful Path

As mentioned earlier, you should make your front door the focal point of your home — therefore, you should find other ways to bring eyes to your front door. The best way to do that is to make a beautiful pathway. You should make sure the driveway to the front door is repaired and cleaned. You can also add lights to the driveway to light up the way. If you want to build a new pathway, think about the design — while a curved path may look nice, you and your guests may not like walking in a curved pattern to reach the front door.

Increase Privacy

You can use landscaping as an opportunity to improve the privacy of your home beautifully. You can add a buffer of several plants that have different heights to add a welcoming touch while increasing privacy. While you can do the same thing with a hedge, a buffer can be more pleasing to the eye. You can also strategically plant shrubs or trees if you want to block the view from part of your yard or a room from your neighbors.

Landscaping is a fantastic thing homeowners should do, but it is more than planting plants randomly in your front yard. Make sure you follow the tips above to get a beautiful front yard!

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