Top Trends Transforming the Interior Design Industry

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Interior design concepts keep changing, and you need to stay up to speed with the trends in the industry. Interior design trends focus on changes in decorative colors, patterns, shapes, styles, furniture, and materials in residential and commercial buildings. If you would like to give your house a fantastic look, you need to be informed about the trends before upgrading your home. Here are the top interior design trends expected to withstand the test of time:

Arched Entryways

If you want to give your old house a unique look, you should consider having arched entryways. Curved doorways and windows usually provide a home a classy look effortlessly. This design was first seen in Greece’s cave houses, and it’s still trending today. If you are renting, you can also employ this trend by using an arched wall mirror.

The Vintage Look

Contemporary decorative pieces are getting more attention nowadays, but, surprisingly, the vintage style is still booming. Having a house that has a vintage look is a trend that is not going away any time soon. If you love the classic look, you can check out vintage home furnishings in Scottsdale and invest in the old school furniture, rugs, and collections. Everything in your house will be new and polished but made using the traditional style. You can mix patterns and antiques or combine a few vintage groups with contemporary decorations for a fabulous finish.

Wood Walls

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Using wood walls is a traditional style that has been with us for years. Most homeowners are now adopting this style in modern homes. The trend has worked for many modern houses, and it could transform your home too. You should use wood panels arranged neatly for a smooth wall and elegant finish. You can also use wood paneling in different rooms in your home.

Curved Sofas

Using curved sofas is a popular trend in modern houses and is expected to last for years. These sofas can be in L shaped or completely curved. The trend can help to reduce the number of furniture pieces in a living room. You can even buy only one curved sofa since it can hold about seven people or more.

Natural Textiles

Natural textiles such as cotton, linen, leather, alpaca, and wool, are commonly used in the interior design field. Homeowners are now gravitating towards products that are made using natural materials, be it rugs, furniture fabric, or throw blankets, among others. The products made of artificial materials, such as nylon and polyester, are slowly fading away.

Oversized Nightstands

Oversized nightstands were used a long time ago before they were replaced with small ones. But they are now making a comeback. Most people have large bedside tables, and small nightstands don’t make a statement on oversized bedside tables. Fortunately, interior design experts realized that oversized bedside tables complement oversized nightstands.

Every homeowner wants to have a house that highlights their personality and sense of style. You can consider infusing your style into the latest interior design trends to achieve the desired look. This guide gives you top interior design trends that could work for you.

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