Fit for Success: Improving the Workforce Through Wellness Programs

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Competitive pay and good benefits won’t cut it anymore. Employees today also want to feel a sense of purpose in their work and belongingness in their company. It can be a balancing act for business owners like you, but you know it’s important to maintain employee satisfaction. If you can keep them happy, they can keep your clients happy.

Looking out for their wellness is a good start. Programs that address their physical, mental, and financial needs show them their value as employees and as individuals.

Move Your Body

When you consider the hours consumed by sleeping, eating, commuting, and working, there’s barely enough time in a day to go to the gym. Many won’t bother with membership costs, too. While some believe they don’t have energy after work to exercise, everybody knows it’s crucial to be healthy.

This is why many companies opt for fun activities like Zumba and fitness challenges. Adventurous groups may choose to fare the hot Utah weather with monthly marathons. If you don’t have the time and budget for those kinds of things yet, one-hour fitness breaks can make a lot of difference. Routine exercises lessen people’s chances of suffering from high blood pressure and stroke.

Generate support and excitement with new company T-shirts they can use to exercise. Whether these shirts are for Utah’s next fun run or simply for gym use, your staff will appreciate your effort to encourage them to be more active.

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Free Your Mind and Heart

Mental health has become a popular topic in the past years. After all, more and more people suffer from depression and anxiety, trying to meet today’s standards of success. Employees who can’t process and express their experiences can’t perform well at work.

Counseling and meditation classes give employees an outlet. Making these available at work tells them that you care about their minds and that they’re free to seek help. Many people still aren’t aware of the proper way to manage stress in their lives or to recognize when it’s affecting their daily lives. This is where stress management seminars come in handy. Providing educational opportunities for these issues helps them get in touch with themselves and their actions.

Manage Your Finances

Money plays a crucial role in everybody’s lives. When people can’t manage their money well, it affects their physical and mental performance. This often leads to absenteeism, underperformance, and even tension with their colleagues.

There are many seminars about finance management they can attend. If you have the space in the office, why not make logistics easier and invite a speaker? Let your HR department survey what kind of finance-related stress your employees face. To some, it’s their household expenses. Others might be buried in debt.

Addressing these concerns through workshops and even individual financial coaching can relieve them of burdens they carry to work.

Appreciate Your Employees

Good business owners should also be good leaders. It doesn’t matter what incentive or merchandise you give; if you don’t sincerely care for them, they’ll know it.

Learn to bond and appreciate the people who work for you. Sooner or later, you’ll find employees who are loyal to your leadership and not to your company’s incentives.

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