Travelling through the Swiss Alps on a Strict Budget


Whenever we hear of the word “travel”, we usually think that it involves a grand budget. Besides, you’d have to think of lots of factors, including buying the plane tickets, shopping for your gear and clothing, and even having a budget for shopping.

However, traveling does not always have to be extremely expensive. You can travel even if you have a limited budget, as long as you are well-prepared for it. Today, we will discuss the things that you should remember when going on a Swiss Alps or even anĀ Italian Alps hiking on a budget.

Plan The Trip in Advance

It’s not wise to go backpacking if you have a stringent and limited budget. One of the most important things to remember is that transportation is not cheap in Switzerland. You would have to use their transport system, especially if you are looking to visit a lot of places.

The country has a very efficient transport system, though, so you can go ahead and plan for it in advance. You can use Swiss Travel Service that usually offers travelers and foreigners some passes for half the price! You should also look into free public transportation in Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, and Bern. Just make sure to plan everything and buy the tickets in advance so you can get the discount.

Couch Surfing

Try Couch Surfing

If you are not picky when it comes to the places that you will be staying in, then you can try couch surfing instead of renting hotels. The hotels in Switzerland can be expensive and can cost you $35 – $40 per night.

With couch surfing, you can stay with the locals without any charge. You can try repaying their hospitality by giving them a token of appreciation, though. If you are planning on staying in an area for a few days, though, then try looking for cheap Airbnb apartments that you can stay in.

Cook for yourself

Eating out can be expensive, especially in Switzerland. If you want to spend your money on other things besides food, then try cooking for yourself instead of heading out to restaurants.

You should always see to it that the place that you will be staying in will allow you to cook, or else you’d have no choice but to eat out. Ask your host if it is possible to cook and if the supplies will be provided.

Try Biking

If you do not want to spend a penny on public transportation, then try renting a bike out instead. Lots of cities in Switzerland such as Zurich, Canton, Bern, Zug, and Geneva offer bikes that are completely free of charge. Yes, you’ve read that right – they allow you to borrow their bikes without any cost!

You can rent the bike for a few hours, which is perfect if you are a solo traveler looking to get around the city. You’d only need to show them an ID and pay a deposit, which you will be getting back if you return the bike without any damage.

Visiting the Swiss Alps is a real treat in itself. There are lots of things that you can do here, and you will surely enjoy the city. Go ahead and book your plane tickets today and see Switzerland even without a grand budget!

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