Top Qualities of a Reliable Healthcare Organization

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The healthcare industry can be a highly competitive arena, with hundreds of healthcare organizations pitting against each other for the same client base. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, or medical specialist who is seeking employment in a healthcare company, you should know that not all companies providing healthcare staffing services are the same.

There are those that can connect you with the right career paths and healthcare facilities where you can practice your profession and build your career. Then there are others who may not offer similar perks.

Aside from just providing the right connections, there are other things that you should look for in a healthcare organization if you want a rewarding career. Here are five indicators that you’re joining an organization that will help you succeed in the healthcare industry:

Promotes ‘collective mindfulness’

Some healthcare organizations would go out of their ways to ensure that no story of unsafe medical practices would leak out to the public. While such an act can be in the best interest of such an organization, it is not good news for the patients who may fall victim to healthcare providers who do not follow established best practices.

As such, see if the healthcare organization actually encourages ‘collective mindfulness’ among its members. If healthcare workers are reminded to call out unsafe practices committed by fellow members, then the organization is worth your trust.

Drive for zero harm

Hand in hand with collective mindfulness is the commitment of the healthcare organization’s leaders to ensuring zero harm in all healthcare facilities where its members are working at. The organization can do this by providing members with sound advice, access to learning opportunities for professional growth, and strict adherence and implementation of safe medical practice.

Take away any of these factors and a healthcare organization will surely find itself lacking in leadership abilities.


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A solid hallmark of a great healthcare organization is resiliency. A resilient organization has the capacity to respond to internal and external problems that are both expected and unexpected, as well as emerge stronger from such adversities.

It should have a system in place to deal with issues to minimize the negative impacts of setbacks to the organization. The healthcare organization should have a plan for any eventuality that its members could experience (like a lawsuit stemming from alleged medical malpractice).


While it’s good to have plans in place for problems so the organization can react quickly and appropriately, there are cases when negative scenarios can be prevented. Case in point: providing opportunities to members to hone their professional competence through training and other capacity-building activities.

By being proactive, the organization can keep negative issues at bay and have a well-functioning system that will benefit its members.

Expert support

A great healthcare organization should have in-house experts who could give proper guidance and support to members who are in dire situations.

The organization also knows how to keep members to their toes and are continuously mindful of their critical roles as healthcare service providers by conducting rounds and periodically engaging members in upfront evaluations. Such feedback and check-and-balance mechanisms eliminate complacency that usually causes grave mistakes when handling patients.

Be guided by this checklist when looking for a healthcare organization that you can join. These qualities are just some of the finest ones that successful healthcare organizations possess.

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