Taking a Glimpse of Singapore’s Five-Star Healthcare

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People from other countries flock to Singapore for various reasons: leisure, business, and education, to name a few. A typical list stating why people travel to the other top destinations in the world. However, Singapore is known for having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It is not unlikely for people to travel miles via plane to acquire the same services available for Singaporeans. There is a term for it: Medical Tourism.

With the country’s leading medical expertise and cutting-edge technology, people go to Singapore for various medical services– from sports physiotherapy to cancer treatments.

Medical tourism is relatively new, an industry that is still on its early stage. People who visit another country for medical purposes are either looking at the affordability of treatment or the higher quality of service. Singapore’s private health care system is not particularly cheap. What it lacks in affordability, it makes up for the quality.
Here’s a glimpse of Singapore’s state of the art medical services:

You can have 5-star service and accommodation in a hospital setting.

Similar to a hotel, a certain 5-star hospital in Singapore will welcome you with concierge service. The interior design will remind you of a hotel than a hospital if it weren’t for the medical equipment around. Despite that, the high ceiling, broad glass windows, and marble bathroom vie away from the dreary hospital atmosphere.

Hospitals serving lousy food is a trope. That is not the case in Singapore. There, you can order hotel-quality food through a tablet, which you can also use to enjoy the free Wi-Fi service.

You can have healthcare that passed the international standards.

One way of knowing if a hospital is internationally-accredited is by looking for seals. Accreditation includes recognition from organizations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Awards for health practitioners given by Singapore’s Ministry of Health also signify the high quality of service from the Singaporean hospitals to which they belong to. All of these certifications are given to multiple hospitals in the country after a thorough assessment, marking the gold standard of healthcare in the land.

Depending on where your home country is, the cost of medical procedures and treatments in Singapore could be cheaper. You will not need to compromise on the level of service you’ll receive, as the medical staff and specialists are experienced and trained internationally.

As mentioned earlier, the design is 5-star, but it is not merely for visual presentation. They are internationally-accredited facilities.

The country has an agency in charge of medical tourism.

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Most importantly, going to Singapore for medical reasons is easy. The country has set up an agency called International Patient Service Centres (IPSC) that can be found all over the country. The IPSCs are linked to the medical centers and hospitals in Singapore.

As a medical tourist, most, if not all, of the help you’ll need to get around are there—from navigating the streets of Singapore as a tourist to navigating the health care system as a patient. You can enjoy the best of both worlds without worrying about the logistics of your stay.

Everything is within your reach in this globalized world, including the best healthcare services. Getting better does not have to be a dreadful period in your life. Travel.

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