Ways to Find the Best Local Food

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For travellers who are also foodies, a big part of travel is about finding good local food. You can see all the top tourist attractions, but you can still feel unsatisfied if you haven’t gotten a taste of authentic, local cuisine. But finding local food is not always easy. Doing a quick Google search online won’t reveal much, especially if you’re in search of the places that are off the beaten path and are truly nice. For you, we have the following advice on satisfying your adventurous taste buds:

Make friends with a local

Your best bet for finding places that aren’t online is to talk to the locals. If you only stick to places with five-star reviews and Michelin stars, you won’t be able to experience the authentic and adventurous cuisine. Try to befriend locals at bars and other public spaces and attend events such as wine tasting. They will hook you up with the best food; if you’re lucky, you might even get invited to dinner. There’s no better way to explore a culture than being a guest at the house of someone’s grandma.

Look for trusted websites

Keep an eye out for the website where critics review food places. Instead of relying on anonymous reviews on aggregator sites, you can find expert opinions for what you should try next. If you’re on the lookout for deals and offers, these websites can come in handy. Most global food hubs have a website that contains a compilation of good restaurants. You can find suggestions from all over the world, from exciting dining promotions in Singapore to couples offers in Mumbai. These trusted websites also have free giveaways and other handy travel advice.

Try roadside establishments

barbecue getting cooked on street

One of the best things about travelling is that the act expands your horizons. It forces you out of your comfort zone and inspires you to try things you otherwise wouldn’t. Food is no different. When you are on holiday, don’t just go to the fancy places. Some of the best local food happens to be made at roadside establishments. Food carts and roadside stalls offer all sorts of delicacies, especially in Asia. Just make sure that you pick a place that follows basic hygiene standards.

Hit up Facebook groups

There are lots of Facebook groups out there where travellers from all over the world can connect. A significant portion of the vibrant food blogging scene of yesteryear has moved to Facebook groups. There really is a group for everything. If you can’t find a group that pertains to the food scene of a local city or country, you can find many other general groups where people will be more than happy to help. Most locals are eager to help visitors. Locals and expats alike will share their valuable experiences and help you find hidden gems.

Subpar food experiences can really alter your perception of a place. When you’re planning your trip plan your culinary itinerary, too. A little bit of research can go a long way in making your trip more fulfilling.

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