Fine Dining for Foodies: Top Gourmet Countries to Visit

fine dining meal

Although food is typically regarded as the best art form that boasts creative purpose and satisfies one’s palate, fine dining offers a new experience. The unique ambience, hospitality, and unique way of serving food leave a more significant impact on a person enjoying the food.

The best part is, different countries boast such unique cuisines, making the entire experience even more exciting. So, if you’ve been planning your vacation, grab your handheld body massager to keep you comfortable and loose during the trip—and explore some of the best “gourmet” countries around the world.

Here are some of the most popular destinations for fine dining.


The affluent fashion and art capital of the world also shines when it comes to food. The laid-back nature of the French is reflected in the fine dining options it provides, allowing you to relish in great food like macarons and Boeuf Bourguignon in the best environment possible. Plus, France has the most Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide, boasting more than 600 establishments.


Chinese food is a cuisine filled with so much diversity, and you can guarantee you’ll never have a dull moment with them. Food is a vital part of Chinese culture. That’s why Chinese people know how to display their mastery of exquisite cooking skills—from dumplings to main dishes of different meats, expect the best when it comes to food in China.

Moreover, Chinese restaurants usually pay attention to the littlest detail when preparing their masterpieces, making their cuisine diverse and extravagant. The country has over 300 fine-dining establishments. All you need to do is choose.


Italy is a brimming pot of culinary delight and luxury. You’ll notice that most guide and culinary books place Italian food as number one—and that’s thanks to the fresh and quality ingredients most restaurants use in the country. Plus, Italy has the second most Michelin-starred restaurants globally, boasting 371 establishments for you to explore during your visit.

When visiting, don’t forget to try out authentic pasta, pizza, Florentine steak, and Bottarga.


Because of Portugal’s location and proximity to the stunning Atlantic Ocean coast, it’s a paradise for those who love all things seafood. The country boasts 28 Michelin-starred restaurants, and they’re spread out throughout Lisbon. However, one must-visit dining destination that you shouldn’t miss out on is Tasca, offering small yet delicious dishes.

Regardless of the establishment you visit, don’t forget to try out popular local dishes like sardines, salted cod, and octopus tossed in olive oil.


Barcelona Spain

Spain is the hot-pot of all things luxury when it comes to food, boasting 224 Michelin-starred restaurants across its territory. The main ingredient in Spanish cuisine is olive oil, thanks to its vast fields of olive trees and weather that provides the perfect environment to grow them. It’s also worth mentioning that Spain is the world’s largest exporter of olive oil, so the country is nothing short of anything fancy.

Plus, Spanish people have a deep passion for their cuisine, offering mouthwatering dishes like Paellas, cured meats, and Tapas. These offer so much vibrancy and exceptional taste, which you can trace to the fresh ingredients from the country’s locally sourced produce. Overall, Spanish food is history combined with delicious flavors—and luxury.

United Kingdom

Nothing shouts luxury like the United Kingdom. The country alone has seven Michelin-star restaurants, giving you a variety of choices during your visit. However, to really enjoy your visit to the UK, there’s no better way than starting your day with a lavish spread of English breakfast. London is the best place to get a deliciously fancy breakfast from a cuisine influenced by many of their colonies.

The UK’s capital city is also high on the global fine-dining scene, besides the prestigious Michelin-starred establishments.


Although Indian cuisine significantly varies from one region to another, one thing stays constant: it always tops any list for its unique and delicious cuisine. It’s rich in mouthwatering dishes filled with various spices, adding a different kick to every bite.

Indian chefs usually use spices in savoury and sweet dishes, giving you a sense of excitement since you’ll never know what you’re going to get. Some of the most popular and delicious meals are Biryani, Samosa, Dal, and Kebabs—which you can get in the streets or fine dining establishments.

However, no matter where you go in the country, most Indian restaurants pride themselves in providing royalty-like experiences to all customers.

Who doesn’t adore food and wants to indulge in luxury? If you have a passion for food and have the pocket to travel, why not visit the gourmet countries mentioned to satisfy our sensitive and curious palate. Although chasing popular dishes and food establishments, locals enjoy, indulging in a fine dining experience is a great way to appreciate the finest in the country.

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