Hair Loss: It’s Not Just a Man-Thing

hair loss

Hair loss is a major concern for most men. But believe it or not, it is also a common issue among women.

While it is quite normal for humans to shed hair daily, experts say that the average person sheds anywhere between 50 to 100 hair strands a day. It is different if there is dramatic hair loss. A person’s hair growth rate is somewhat proportional to his or her hair shed rate. Some hair tends to fall off as new ones grow. There is some sort of balance.

But when the rate of hair shedding is greater than its growth rate, meaning if you experience a loss of over 100 hair strands in a day, then it’s likely that you are already experiencing hair loss. Technically, hair loss in a woman occurs when something disrupts the hair growth cycle.

Possible causes of hair loss in women

Several things factor into a woman’s hair loss. Here are some of the most common causes:

Family History

Sometimes hair loss is passed on through genes. If your family has a history of hair loss or baldness, it is very likely that you will also experience it when you get to a certain age.

Medical and Health Conditions

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Other times, hair loss is triggered by certain medical and health conditions. Alopecia areata, for instance, is caused by an autoimmune disorder that causes dramatic hair loss. Pregnancy also triggers thinning hair but is not permanent.

Vitamin Deficiency

Not getting the proper nutrition can also have adverse effects on your hair and scalp. An unhealthy diet that is devoid of certain nutrients and vitamins that promote hair growth can sometimes be the culprit.

Medications and Health Supplements

In some instances, medicine, supplements, and medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, can trigger hair loss.


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One of the downsides of not being able to cope with stress well is that it can affect your body. Some manifestations of stress and anxiety include dramatic weight loss or weight gain, a spike in blood sugar, hypertension, and loss of hair.


Styling your hair too much and doing all kinds of treatments on it can be harmful due to the toxic chemicals that most materials contain.

Haircare tips for women experiencing female pattern hair loss

Some cases of female pattern hair loss can still be treated, but others are irreversible. At the very least, they can be prevented from getting worse with the right treatment and hair care routines.

Tip #1: Go easy on your hairstyles

Hair goes through a lot of stress during hairstyling and treatment. Most of these treatments often use materials with toxic chemicals that weaken the hair strands. It would be best to give your hair and scalp a break and keep those treatments to a minimum.

Tip #2: Talk to a doctor or dermatologist for recommendations and treatments

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Before jumping on any new fad or novel hair loss prevention scheme, be sure to consult your doctor or dermatologist first. Not everything you see online is authentic and good for your hair and scalp. You might end up causing more damage. It’s best to ask your doctor for their recommendations.

Tip #3: Protect yourself from the sunlight

Overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays is not only bad for your skin but also for your hair. Wear a hat or use an umbrella whenever you’re out, so you have a layer of protection for your head.

Tip #4: Minoxidil

The only drug that is FDA-approved in the U.S. to treat female pattern hair loss is Minoxidil. It comes in a 2% and 5% formula but for severe hair loss, it is recommended that you get the 5% variant. Though it won’t fully restore all the hair you lost, it will give you significant hair growth that will clearly be visible to everyone.

Tip #5: Micropigmentation or Microneedling

Those who are experiencing hair loss can also choose to go with certain treatments such as microneedling and micropigmentation. Just make sure you go to specialists that have completed proper microneedling and micro scalp pigmentation training course for the best results.

Tip #6: Live a healthier lifestyle

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One of the most natural and best ways to fight hair loss is to live healthier. While hair loss is inevitable for most of us, a healthy lifestyle can help hold it off longer. Eat the right food to get the right vitamins and nutrients that are good for your hair and scalp. Avoid smoking and too much alcohol. Drink plenty of water. Minimize the stressors in your life. All of these things help prevent hair loss.

Hair loss is a serious problem among men and women. Although it is inevitable for many people, we can slow down the rate of hair loss by knowing its causes and the treatments or remedies.

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