The Different Lessons You Acquire While Travelling


As kids, we dreamed of going on exciting adventures to faraway fantastical places only found in our imagination. As we grow older, we develop a more realistic sense of the world and understand that some things are not possible. We begin to give up those dreams of travelling to distant regions, but should it be like that?

Our world is filled with unique places and fascinating cultures. This world isn’t devoid of adventure — we simply decide what those adventures will be. To many, travelling to different countries counts as an adventure, and isn’t it an adventure? When we visit other nations, we partake in a different culture, brush with different people, and try to communicate with a language that is not our own. It is an adventure, and we realize that life is one big adventure.

To Travel Is to Adventure

When you travel, you not only get your fill of adventure. You also learn to love and appreciate more, no matter how simple it may seem.

You become more friendly

Humans are social creatures; we naturally gravitate to others. Going on a journey makes you recognize how social we genuinely are. You become more friendly and see the good in others. People help you, and you help people. The negative impression that seems so heavily attached to modern society will feel like a simple joke — people are kind! You need to be kind and respectful to others; after all, respect begets respect. Even if you’re naturally introverted, you’ll develop your social skills to the point that mingling with others won’t seem like a chore.

You learn different forms of communication

Even though we’re social creatures, we can’t precisely communicate with everyone. There are barriers, of course, and the difference in language is the biggest one. Going to different countries that speak a foreign language teaches you to be more discerning of how people express their selves. From broken English to body language, you’ll learn to understand what people are trying to say even if they speak less. Perhaps you’ll also find a language that you’ll slip right into and begin learning a second language. And why not? A second language is very beneficial to learn.

woman eating

You have a new appreciation for food

There are thousands of cuisines, and you’ll develop a more appreciative tongue when you travel. From Thai food to Italian cuisine, from hotel food in America to airport food in Singapore, you’ll find that food of all kinds is to be admired. While you might begin your adventures with a stomach weak to spices of different origins, soon enough, you’ll find yourself enjoying delicious food from all over the world without any repercussions. The initial surprise to food different from your own is worth it.

You understand how the world works

We all learn in school the basic principle of supply and demand. Travelling shows you how that works. If you come from a country that exports mangoes, you’ll find mangoes from your country to be more expensive, especially if there’s a shortage. Foodstuffs, trade goods, and other forms of mercantile activities of your country have profound effects on the surrounding nations. We’re all connected in more ways than one, and a journey outside your motherland will demonstrate how true that is.

You discover more about our history as humans

Culture defines a country, and it is decided by a country’s history. Visiting other nations and partaking in their culture and history can give an insight to your own. How culture varies from one country to another is an excellent exercise in developing awareness of our collective history as humans.

You feel the goodness for the mind

People have been saying that travelling is good for the mind, but science gives proof. Travelling breaks the monotony of your everyday routine and introduces a new stimulus that keeps your mind active. All the different languages you hear, other food you taste, and different people you meet contribute to a healthier mental well-being. This introduction of new stimulus keeps your mind healthy by keeping it constantly adapting, preventing the degradation of the brain’s plasticity. So the next time you book a flight, remember that it’s not just for personal satisfaction but also for health.

There are countless other reasons why you should travel. Perhaps you have your own motivations. Regardless, travelling the world, seeing different sights all provide a valuable experience that cannot be replicated. Travelling is an adventure, and it’s a spiritual experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

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