No Yard Space for a Garden? No Problem!

indoor garden

There are people who have so-called green thumbs because of their inherent fondness and know how to grow plants. They thrive in a garden environment where they can spend hours just admiring their handiwork. And who wouldn’t? Being surrounded by greens is one of the most relaxing things you can experience. It benefits your health too because here you are able to breathe in a healthy dose of oxygen. If you are worried about bug infestation ruining everything, do not fret. You can always call pest control to have them eliminated.

Most people get discouraged to start planting because they do not have space for it. You might be someone who lives in a residential building, which means you do not have even a small plot of land to lay seeds on. If you really want to build your own garden, you can still do so even in places that do not have backyards.

Be Creative with Pots

If you aspire to be among those that have green thumbs, not having an area for soil should not be the end of the world. The easy answer to that problem is for you to get some clay pots. Fill them up with dirt and you should be ready to plant anything in there. You can throw in some earthworms in there to keep the soil healthy. Placing them around the house can be tricky. You have to make sure that you have a large tray or plate underneath. This should catch the water that will flow out of the pot’s drain holes. Otherwise, it will spill out onto your floors, and you would have to go mopping very often.

Since plants need sunlight, you will have to put your pots where they shine. This is a great showcase of how portable they can be. You can carry them around whenever you need to. If you don’t want them inside, you can hang them by the outside part of the window sill. This is a setup with minimal fuss, as watering them basically will be done outdoors, and they will get all the sunshine they need.

Window Space

living room surrounded by windows

What if you want a larger area to plant on? Here is an idea for you. Move a table near your window, and make sure that it gets a generous amount of sunshine in the daytime. Then make a plant box with an area that is about as large or smaller than your table’s surface. Fill this up with soil, and you now have a larger place for your plants. You can already think of it as a mini-garden. It is a perfect place to grow vegetables like onions and various herbs. Not only will you add some freshness to your dishes, but you also save a lot on groceries by just plucking them out of your box.

Stick to Indoor Plants

Having variety is awesome, but if you want to build a garden in your yard-less home, it would be ideal if you stick to the indoor plants. They usually favor the tropical climate and can help filter out the dirty air around your house, and they would fit really well with your home’s interior temperature. Those that grow to large sizes are great decorations especially when you pair them with a large vase, while the smaller ones look cute on a study desk.

Who says you need a yard space to make a garden? You can prove that you do not need that by being creative. There is enough space in your home for your plants if you know where to look and which tools to use. So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to showcase what being a green thumb is.

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