Healthy Food You May Have to Put a Limit On


What we eat is a significant factor in our overall health, so it’s no wonder that we’re always seeing articles about dietary fads, new food alternatives, and cooking trends meant to put us on the path to better digestion and nutrition. Whether you’re managing your weight or trying to have a healthier gut inside, you may have steered toward comfortable go-to choices that you feel will always round things out and keep things healthy. That said, a lot of the things that are commonly thought of as “healthy options” can be some of the worst things you can overload your body with. Here are some of the sneakiest offenders:

  • Citrus

It’s a yummy variation of fruits that are arguably less sugary than others, and you always hear about lemon water, orange juice, and grapefruit extract because of how packed they are with vitamins. That said, these are highly acidic fruits that can mess up your gut, especially if you’re prone to reflux or you have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Plus, even if you don’t have those tendencies, any experienced orthodontic dental labs will tell you that one of the worst things for your teeth, in the long run, are things high in acidity. Citrus has that in large quantities.

  • Granola

One of the most successfully marketed products for those looking for a “healthy snack,” granola carries a lot of sugar and calories within its deceiving form. It got its reputation for being a wholesome choice because its ingredients pack it with fiber, protein, and some other vitamins depending on the variation. However, the payoff for the surprisingly high sugar content may not be worth it on the regular. You might even be consuming a lot more just because you’ve been eating under the false security of being “healthier.”

If you’ve still got a hankering, limit your consumption and make sure to check the labels for any granola bars and the like to see just how much bad stuff it has in there, too.

  • Yogurt

Healthy fruits

Sure, not all yogurt is made the same. But look at the packaged goodies ready for the taking in stalls and grocery stores alike, and you may be shocked to find that they carry way more sugar than you’re supposed to have in a day. That is especially true for flavored yogurt selections and those with toppings on them. Many even have additives and artificial sweeteners that you don’t want to put inside your body.

If you’re fretting over giving up ice cream and you still need to get that cold treat fix, then you have a better chance with low-fat Greek yogurt. Make sure to read the label so you know you’re not getting a dupe that will affect your teeth and gut the same way a cup of sweet ice cream would.

Though all these things aren’t necessarily going to kill you in occasional indulgences, they should be crossed out of your everyday eating items if you’re trying to be healthy and take care of your body. The harmful effects they carry pretty much cancel out the good they could have otherwise provided for you, especially if you don’t take them in moderation.

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