Enjoy a Luxury Vacation in the Safety of Your Home

It might be some time before you can safely embark again to your dream destinations. Keep your excitement alive knowing that while stuck in this situation, you can save more for your next vacation. After all of this is over, you can go on one of those luxury trips you’ve only just read about in Conde Nast or National Geographic.

In the meantime, you need to be safe and survive. But you don’t have to feel so helpless. Indulge in a luxury vacation right at your home, perfect to your taste and preferences.

Take your cue from luxury travel connoisseurs. Gold Ring Travel, one of the top luxury travel organizers, asks its clients: what is your luxury? This is exactly because we have different standards, and we know best how to pamper ourselves. Go through our list of tips and plan for a grand vacation in the safety of your home.

A restful sleep

Many people who take vacations surprisingly return from their trips more tired than they were when they left. That’s because people try to cram as many activities as possible in a day. Well, this is not a luxury trip because you’re not leisurely enjoying your time.

Let’s start with a night of good sleep — finally free of any thoughts about work, chores, whatever is weighing you down on an ordinary day. Prepare your bed free from distractions. Put your work away, remove your daily task reminders from your bedside table, and turn off your alarm. Put on clean sheets and pillowcases, and spray some fabric freshener. Set the temperature in your room to 60 to ; ;67 degrees Fahrenheit, and bring out your softest comforter you could drown in.

If you have children, ask your spouse or partner to take charge of them even for just one night. Or get them to sleep fitfully like you.

Fine food and drinks

vegan person eatingFor this vacation, you won’t be spending a dime on transportation. So indulge in good food and drinks. Many restaurants offering fine dining have already joined the bandwagon of food delivery services to survive. Take this chance to sample that highly coveted menu only a few could enjoy before. Open that bottle of wine you had been saving for special occasions. There is no occasion more special than when you are pampering yourself.

Treat yourself to a luxurious bath

If you don’t have a tub yet, look into some cheap DIY projects. If your bathroom is too small for a tub, set it up outdoors, just put up some screens. Or place it in a room with floor tiles so you could easily clean it up later.

Your tub might be cheap but what makes a bath luxurious is the mixture that is poured in your bathwater. Luxury spas are so expensive, but in truth, the skin concoctions they have so nicely described in their brochures can easily be prepared at home. Get some essentials oils and scented candles delivered to you if you want the full spa experience.


Going to orchestras, attending theater performances, or live concerts — these are part of some of the best cultural trips. Well, you couldn’t enjoy these live performances now, but some institutions have thankfully made available several classic performances online. Make use of your home theater setup and enjoy the best performances in your living room. If this is not your cup of tea, then see how you could enjoy what you love doing when you travel by making use of online platforms.

Several libraries have also opened up some of their select archives for free access. If you can’t see the sights right now, read about them. Read about the fascinating history of the Hagia Sofia whose unique architecture has been influenced by the change of ruling powers in Istanbul. Read about the advanced study of the cosmos done by the Incas, their popular structures perfectly planned to take advantage of the weather and the sun’s journey in a day. Read about everything you had dreamt of seeing.

However we define luxury, what is common is the feeling of relaxation. It is not hopping from one bar to another. It is not seeing as many places as possible in a three-day trip. It is having the time to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning after a restful sleep. It is having control of your time throughout the day. And finally, you end your vacation well-rested and rejuvenated.

Now that people are confined to their residences and localities, we survive on our ability to be happy and at peace wherever we are. Although our movements have been limited, our mind and spirit are free to roam. And in this situation, our imagination is our only limit.

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