Fun Ways to Spend Time Alone

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People are becoming more conscious of their health and wellness. They are more aware of their food choices. Some commit to an exercise regimen. Others establish routines for good sleep. Work-life balance and self-care become wellness buzzwords among people. The list could go on and on when it comes to a person’s effort to have a healthy lifestyle.

The ability to enjoy your own company is one of the most underrated ways of achieving wellness. The truth is learning the art of being alone can help your mental and physical health in many ways. You can have the chance to recharge your energy. You learn to be independent and not rely on others for validation. Time alone can also spur creativity and productivity. Here are some ideas on how to have fun even when you are alone.


Solo travel is not only a passing trend. Many people have tried or wanted to do this at least once in their lifetime. Traveling solo opens up many strengths in you that you never thought you have. You learn to decide on your own and you get out of your comfort zone. As such, you reach a higher level of confidence.

Solo travel is also an excellent way to promote sober living for women. The road to rehabilitation includes the support of a community. But, being alone is essential, too. When you try to get out of substance or alcohol use, time to reflect is an important step. This time is abundant when you are alone in a different place. By traveling, you could also cut off any unhealthy connections you have in your hometown. Being in a different place will allow you to leave the stressors behind. Solo travel could be beneficial on the road to recovery of substance or alcohol abuse. But, do not forget to consult an expert if it is the right fit for your case.

Date Yourself

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People always thought that dating needs to be a social activity. Many do this with their friends or their special someone. But dating yourself can be a very empowering experience. It is a declaration that you are comfortable in your own company. Your happiness is not dependent on anybody.

The possibilities of where to go are endless. You could eat at a fine dining restaurant. You can go to a museum or watch a movie. Sitting at a quiet café or a park are also nice ideas. You can people watch as you spend time with yourself. By observing others, you may learn a new thing or two about human behavior and interactions.


Take time to contribute something positive to the world. Volunteering will help you see the values that you hold dear. Though it may not be alone time per se, it is best to volunteer alone. Bringing someone with you will divide your attention to your true goal.

If you want to be the only human present, you can volunteer in an animal shelter. Spending time with cats and dogs reduces cortisol or the stress hormone. In the same way, these furry animals help you to release oxytocin or the love hormone. Thus, you will come out of this experience happier and more relaxed.

Take up a Hobby

The reason why some people are afraid of being alone is because of boredom. But, if you occupy your time with something that engages you, you will enjoy time with yourself. Think of the last time when you did something that you want and enjoy. Is your schedule full of tasks that you need to do?

Taking up a hobby and committing to it is a time for you to unwind. The truth is a hobby is an adult’s version of play. It opens up the mind to new learning in an unstructured way. It does not matter if it is candle-making, guitar playing, or gardening. The essential thing is it gives you pleasure when you engage in this activity.

Connect with Nature

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Being one in nature has so many physical and mental health benefits. A hike will help you exercise some muscles that you have not used for a while. Stargazing can help you enter a meditative state. An afternoon at the beach is a complete sensory experience. Whatever activity you choose involving nature, you can never go wrong with it. The only thing that you have to remember is to make sure that your chosen activity is safe for people who are alone.

Being alone may be intimidating at first. But, once you get the hang of it, spending “me time” could be a very empowering experience. It would be something that you would want to include in your schedule as much as you can. Doing it will also have positive effects on the people around you. They will appreciate a more rested and more grounded version of you.

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