Staying Young with a Lifestyle Change? What You Need to Do

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When it comes to looking younger than your actual age, most people will advise you to follow a skincare regime filled with different lotions, potions, and serums. Although those things are great in slowing down aging, everything from your makeup to hairstyles can impact your appearance. Getting a cosmetic procedure can also help, but approaches like the PDO facelift thread  and Botox are often temporary.

To truly capture that youthful flow you wish to get back as you age long-term, here are tried and true techniques to help you take years off your face.

Use Acid Peel Once Or Twice A Week

Consistently using a good acid peel product, one that should have salicylic and glycolic acid, will have plenty of benefits to your skin, and the longer you use the acid peel, the better your skin will look over time. Dermatologists suggest using acid peel once a week for those with dry skin and no more than twice a week for those with regular skin. Following this regime can help build up collagen production while erasing fine lines and pigmentation—thickening your skin and making it firmer and younger-looking.

Live A Healthier Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle, such as eating a more nutritious and well-balanced diet and exercising, is a great way to make yourself look and stay younger. Several studies have proven that eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help prevent damage that often leads to premature skin aging, delaying the aging process as long as possible. Plus, it’s best to avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates as they speed up aging.

Use a Concealer to Cover Up Dark Circles

As soon as you reach the age where you need to use concealers to hide dark circles, it can let you down by sinking into the lines. Luckily, it’s still manageable as long as you use the right concealer to draw attention from your wrinkles. Make sure to only apply the concealer on the inner halves of your under-eyes to cover any dark spots.

Take Advantage of Vitamin A – For Your Skin

Vitamin A derivatives, including retinol and retinoid, are some of the most crucial and effective anti-aging ingredients to be discovered in the last couple of years. So, it only makes sense for you to use any of these two every night to help yourself look and stay younger long-term, encouraging healthy skin cell production and unclogging pores.

Get Longer Bangs and Medium-Length Hair

Longer bangs are great for older individuals looking to look younger. They help mask the aging process naturally by softening your facial features, emphasizing your eyes, and discreetly hiding fine lines and wrinkles you may have. However, make sure to have layers added to your bangs to give it more movement and texture, helping you look younger and undeniably fabulous.

Meanwhile, when it comes to hair length, forget the idea that short hairstyles are an age requirement as they usually make you look older than you are. However, if you prefer your hair cut short, ensure it’s slightly shaggy to give it more volume and personality. However, excessively long hair can also make you look older, so the best hair length to look more youthful is medium-length, specifically asymmetrical shapes, as they remove attention away from your wrinkles.

Take Care of Your Eyes

Your eyes say a lot about your age, so it’s only reasonable if you take care of your eyes, and not in the sense of eating vitamin A-rich foods or refraining from using phones too much. Instead, this refers to what you do on the exterior, such as gently removing your eye makeup. After a long day with makeup, it can get stuffy quick, leading you to hastily removing your makeup and hopping into bed.

However, removing makeup fast, especially around your eyes, can increase sagging, making you look older due to the constant tugging and pulling at the delicate skin around your eyes. You can prevent this by using as little force as possible, and you’ll see a big difference in no time. Additionally, it’s best to keep it simple when wearing eye makeup and only apply a thin layer as thicker makeup can make you look more mature, and thus, older.

Most people dream of aging like fine wine. That’s why many follow different types of anti-aging routines to help them stay youthful-looking over time, with some even opting for surgery. However, if you’re not keen on going under the knife, incorporating the methods mentioned into your life is a great way to look and feel your best for years to come—helping you look and stay younger.

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