Simple Re-Framing Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health

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Many things in life will never go according to plan, something will always go astray no matter how small or large. These challenges and surprises are what make life exciting, but sometimes it can be too much. When something unpredictable becomes too heavy to bear, it can take a toll on our minds. And if your mental health isn’t exactly in the best situation, something going wrong can be magnified tenfold.

Of course, when you’re feeling well and in good spirits, it’s easy to say “just think positively”. While yes, it is important to think positively, there is more to it than. This is why taking care of yourself is very important. It allows you to be in a positive environment, heal not just your mind but also your body, and ultimately shape yourself to be a better you.

There is no panacea or a cure-all. What may work for someone might not work for you, but regardless of how difficult it may seem, it’s not impossible. In truth, it’s far from impossible; it’s achievable and realistic. All it takes is slowly easing yourself into a positive lifestyle and mindset, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself in a better position. Here are a few ways to help you get started.

Make a Conscious Effort to Think Positively

As mentioned before, it’s easy to think positively when you’re in a good situation. But this means it’s also easy to feel negative when you’re feeling down. However, you need to come to grips with the reality that not everything will go wrong. It can be challenging to keep a positive outlook, especially if you’re dealing with something difficult such as early funeral arrangements or separation, but what’s important is telling yourself that the negative shall also pass. For every negative thing happening to you, it’s best to find something positive. And if you really can’t, tell yourself “this too shall pass”, because as we all know, even stormy days end.

Exercise for the Mind

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At this point, everyone knows that exercising is the key to living a healthy and active lifestyle. But what many people don’t know is that it also helps your mind. Exercise of any sort (even the short ones that last for 10 minutes or so) can do a lot in enhancing your mood and mental state. It positively impacts the mood as it stimulates the serotonin receptors in the brain, making us feel better and happier. There’s also the routine aspect of it. Following an exercise routine consistently throughout the week will help you establish a sense of normalcy and order in your life.

Avoid Stressors, or Prepare for Them

Knowing what it is that makes you sad or stressed is important, as identifying the cause can go a long way in either preventing it or preparing for it. After pinpointing the cause of stress, discern whether it is avoidable or unavoidable. If it is avoidable, then immediately think of the alternatives and options to not have to deal with the stressor.

We can’t avoid our stressors anytime, but what we can do is learn to prepare for them, and this is what’s needed in moments where you can’t avoid them. If you think you can bear through it, then it’s important to take a good long rest after the fact, but if you think you can’t then ask for help. Asking others for help is perfectly fine, everyone needs assistance at some point in their lives.

Do Fun Things When You Feel Like a Failure

Oftentimes, we’re the ones who place the most pressure on ourselves. We expect ourselves to go beyond and do better than we realistically can, and beat ourselves over it when we fail. Having high standards isn’t exactly bad, what’s worse is if it becomes something that chokes and suppresses you. Remember to relax and let yourself fail. But failing can make us feel bad, so how do you go about it?

By doing things that are fun, whenever you feel bad over a failure, like a bad performance at your work or not hitting a personal goal, go out and do what you like. It could be video games, sports, or whatever hobby you have. What’s important is that you re-frame the belief that it’s bad to have fun after a failure. As a matter of fact, it’s when you should be having fun the most as it can help you come to terms with the situation. Most of the time, you finish enjoying your hobby and coming out with a clearer mind to better address the issue.

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