How to Make a House More Enjoyable for Elders


Taking the elders to a care facility is one of the options that you can offer to family members who are old. But this may not apply to everyone. A survey revealed that 3 in every 4 adults ages 50 and up wanted to age in place or stay in their communities. It’s a viable choice too if your house is ready for it.

But for some houses, aging in place would require a lot of tweaking. This is simply because their living spaces aren’t that suitable for eldercare. But most of these adaptive changes are doable and can be planned.

If you have an elder who you wanted to live with you, you can do some of these changes to your home. The same goes for houses where your elders want to age in place alone. These tips can make living easier for the elders:

Optimize spaces for their hobbies

Your elders won’t have much to do during these years since they’re most likely retired by now. The best thing you can offer them are spaces to do their hobbies. You can transform your front yard into a garden and let your elders take care of plants. Give your elders a perfect spot for crocheting. Somewhere preferably close to the sunlight. You can place a big table on a nice little patio where the elders can solve their jigsaw puzzles. These activities can help them stay sharp and cognitively active. These spaces can also be used to let the elders learn new skills. Research reveals that learning skills can improve memory for older adults. Sharpen their minds by having spaces in your home where they can hone their skills and hobbies.

Make things reachable for them

This is something that sounds so simple, yet extremely helpful. Your house may not be built as a place for palliative care. But you can surely do a little tweaking to make the elders feel more comfortable. Bring out all their prescription medicines from the kitchen cabinets and put them in the drawer.\

Always put their house slip-on in a place where they’re not required to walk anymore just to get them. The same goes for glasses. Some elders tend to leave theirs anywhere. You better retrieve them and always put them on their bedside before they sleep. Make it easier for them to reach things in a way that doesn’t completely limit their mobility.

Designate a comfortable place of rest

Your elders may get tired easily. They should have a cozy place in your home where they can relax. Start with their bedroom. Place mattress that is appropriate for them. Install lights that won’t easily stun them. One of the pleasures elders could appreciate is a nice view of the lawn. Achieve lush lawn grasses with the help of reticulation experts. Your elders would surely enjoy watching the rich green front yard.

If your elders are into wildlife, you can hire a landscape artist. Guide them in designing a little artificial pond in your backyard. Or have a display aquarium at home and let the elders feed the fishes. They’d surely find these visuals relaxing and may combat their boredom.

Consider Accessibility

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When it comes to elders, your house should be easy and safe to navigate. This is somewhat similar to childproofing your home but for elders. Begin with putting things with larger texts so your elders can easily read them. You can place wall clocks with large numbers or more readable calendars. You can do the same for little things such as remote controls and keyboards. Replace your floor mats and make sure that you’re using no-slip ones.

This is needed to reduce the risk of having to deal with injuries. You should put waterproof chairs for bathroom use. If your elders like it loud when watching TV, make the entertainment room soundproof. If they’re willing to learn, you can integrate technology into your house. Teach your elders to use smart appliances for easier operations.

They should also have their own phones in case of emergency. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that your elders are safe inside their homes. This is also a big relief for you since injuries may cost you a lot when it comes to hospital bills. Hazards that can cause accidents are preventable as long as you know how to make your home safe for your elders.

Old adults are very prone to feel solitude especially when they’re only staying at home. Ensure a more suitable place for them at home and make their situation a little more bearable. They will definitely appreciate it.

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