No Need for Opioids: Get Pain Relief by Using Natural Methods

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Chronic pain is a problem that many people face daily. The usual response is to take some painkillers and go on your day. However, that doesn’t always work, and the side effects of taking them can make life difficult. Fortunately, there are more natural options for pain relief. Depending on what causes your pain, here are some things you can do to lead a pain-free life.


One of the most common conditions that people take painkillers for is migraines. People who suffer from these intense headaches can say that the pain can be blinding enough to make anyone desperate. But those who want a more natural solution to their headaches have several choices. One is being more aware of your diet. Some food is considered migraine triggers, so identifying and avoiding them is a legitimate solution. You can also consult with your doctor if you have a magnesium deficiency. Low magnesium can cause headaches, so adding more if it in your diet can help resolve the issue. Finally, essential oils like lavender can help ease the pain a lot. Inhaling or applying them to your temples can help reduce the pain within minutes,

Back Pain

Another common pain issue is that of back pain. A common reason for your back acting up is inflammation, so a great way to resolve it is by consuming anti-inflammatory food and drink. Some several natural herbs and substances have that effect. Turmeric is often suggested as an excellent ingredient to mix into your daily food that will help lower inflammation. You can also mix it into a glass of warm milk so that you can drink it before you sleep. This can help ease the discomfort during sleep. You can also keep active and stretch your body a bit. This encourages blood flow into parts of your body that need healing.

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As people grow older, the chance of arthritis increases. This covers many types of joint pain, and it can be excruciating to move with it. It also gets worse with age. For seniors who want some relief without resorting to strong drugs, exercising is the best way to handle arthritis. Exercise can help in two ways. First, it can help burn off the weight on your body. Arthritis is a lot more difficult if you have to carry extra weight on your body. Second, exercise helps strengthen the muscles in your body. This helps support your body better so that it doesn’t hurt so much. Joint flexibility also increases, which can eliminate another sort of pain. Another natural treatment for arthritic pain is hot and cold therapy. Heat to specific joints can help ease stiffness, while ice packs on aching joints can help relieve the swelling.


A specific type of arthritic pain is gout. Unlike other types of arthritis, the pain is not caused by muscles straining to support the body. With gout, it is the build-up of uric acid crystals in the joints. These cause pain and swelling. Anyone can suffer from gout as long as they have high concentrations of uric acid in their body. Fortunately, natural uric acid support supplements are available for anyone to use. You can also change your lifestyle so that uric acid levels go down. Your body generates uric acid to dissolve purines found in food like red meat and fish. Eating a lot of those can encourage increased uric acid rates.

Acid Reflux

Stomach pain is common, but acid reflux can be awful. This is when stomach acid goes up the esophagus, and it damages it. The problem is that acid reflux happens because the lower esophageal sphincter does not function properly and keeps the stomach acids in place. A weak sphincter and the pain will keep coming back. Try to change your diet so that your stomach is much healthier. For example, excessive carbs can cause your stomach to bloat and force the sphincter open. Moving to a low-carb diet ensures that your stomach will feel less full., Another change in your diet would be what you drink. Lower your alcohol and coffee intake, which relaxes the sphincter muscles. This can allow for stomach acids to spill out much easier.

While natural pain relief might not completely erase the pain you feel, it can help make it a lot more bearable. The conditions above are just a few of the painful conditions that have natural solutions. Consult with your doctor about natural pain relief if you are hesitant about using the available pain relief options on the market.

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