Outdoor Living: How You Can Transform Your Lifestyle


Exploring the vast outdoors and living a more active and sustainable lifestyle has become more popular over the years, thanks to more and more individuals becoming more environmentally- and health-conscious. However, not everyone is ‘outdoorsy’ at heart. Luckily, it’s never too late to transform your lifestyle for the better.

That said, here are some ideas to help yourself live a more “outdoor life.”

Dive into Adventures Unknown

The first step to living a more outdoor life is by never hesitating to dive into different adventures. Whether you’re on vacation from work or have some spare time on hand, there are many tools and resources to inspire you to leave the house. For instance, tuning into your favorite food blogger can help you find local and accessible restaurants, giving you a fun adventure to look forward to — outdoors!

Go More Natural

If you’re looking to live a more outdoor life, you need to go more natural in all aspects of your life. For instance, when traveling, there are always different ways to take your vacations outside. So, instead of depending on air travel and standard chain hotels, consider going on a road trip and camp out during the night. Doing these small steps can make your transition into outdoor living much more manageable.

Live Minimally


When you start to spend more time outdoors, you may want to have more gear. In the end, when you immerse yourself more, you would find yourself not spending more on gear while spending more time outdoors and maximizing adventure. Enjoying the great outdoors does not need to be expensive. It also means that the focus is to experience life outdoors and away from your home and possessions. If you look at it from that point of view, you begin to realize that you don’t need much to enjoy life.

Take the jump, enjoy life, experience outdoor living and spend less on material things.

Get a Friend Involved

Regardless of your passion, good friends often encourage you to stick to commitments. That’s why getting a friend involved in your new outdoor life is an excellent way to get into it over time. After all, it’s always an excellent idea to have someone else with you whenever you’re doing any outdoor activity, such as backpacking or hiking, since it makes the journey safer — and more memorable.

If you can’t commit to more than a few hours, don’t fret since there are plenty of ‘small’ activities you can do with your friends. For instance, instead of spending your free time at the movies, camp out in your backyard and enjoy your surroundings. Doing this helps you spend more quality time with friends while embracing the outdoors.

Strive to Learn More

If it’s raining out or you’re simply searching for some motivation, get off your phone or turn off your TV and try taking a class. There are numerous courses to engage you in outdoor life. For instance, taking wilderness first aid during the weekend can help you prepare for dangerous situations while immersing yourself more outdoors.

Learning more about local ecology through bird watching or wildlife photography class is also a great way to learn more about your surroundings — helping you embrace outdoor living easier over time.

Try to Walk or Run Instead of Driving

running outdoors

Ditching driving isn’t always a viable choice for many, but if you live close enough to your job or business, consider walking or running every day. Even if it’s to a public transit stop, it’s best to walk or run instead of driving, helping you get used to the outdoor life more. If you can’t do it every day, doing it for a couple of days every week would suffice as well.

Choose a Car that Supports an Active Lifestyle

If you can’t go about your day-to-day by walking or running, find a car that can support an active and outdoor lifestyle, one that can handle unpaved paths and overall challenging driving conditions. Four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles are fantastic choices for this since they offer more security and safety. All you need to do is choose the better option that fits in with your needs while allowing you to be comfortable behind the wheel.

Ditch the Gym and Get Fit with Nature

Regularly exercising is crucial in living a more outdoor lifestyle as your physical fitness will determine what and how much you can do. Although strength training is undoubtedly essential to most exercise routines, most of these workouts are usually done inside. To balance things out, consider limiting your indoor gym time in favor of doing things outside. Whether it’s running or going for a lovely cycle out, these can help improve your balance, endurance, and overall health.

The best part about ditching the gym for outdoor activities is that you can do most of them anytime, without costs! If you’re looking to go out more and enjoy your surroundings, but don’t know where to start, consider following the ways mentioned to become one step closer to living a more outdoor life. After all, the lifestyle shift doesn’t need to be hard since all it takes is an open mind, dedication, and the willingness to say yes to new opportunities.

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