When in the West: The Best Places for Outdoor Activities

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Every person who loves the outdoors would want to explore what every place has to offer upon setting foot in the area, whether it’s a planned trip or just an extra day of leisure from whatever reason. If you find yourself ready for some outdoor activities in the Western states of the U.S. such as Utah, find the time to enjoy these places for fun outdoor activities. However, don’t forget to visit your doctor or a cardiologist in Orem, Utah before taking the trails or hiking in the mountains.

Stewart Falls Trailhead

Stewart Falls offers a lot of activities and is open all year round. The best season to visit is from early spring to mid-fall, where visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing and even rafting. This is a haven for outdoor lovers, whether spending an alone time or for a family getaway. Stewart Falls is one of the most scenic and picture-perfect spots near Orem.

Bridal Veil Falls

Towering at 185 meters (607 feet), Bridal Veil Falls is a sight to see situated in the south end of Provo Canyon accessed near Hwy 189. From a scenic trek of 10-25 minutes, you will reach its base with picnic tables and barbecue grills and grassy picnic spots. The area is open all year round but may be limited during winter because of accessibility in the snow. You can go from swimming to kayaking, and most outdoor enthusiasts hold water events in the area.

Mt. Timpanogos Wilderness Area

Pronounced “tim-pe-no-ges,” its name came from an old language of the Timpanogots tribe who lived around the valley somewhere around AD 1400. Also referred to as “Timp” by the locals, this 11,752 ft (3,583 MASL) mountain is one of the notable mountains in the contiguous US.

The mountain is a popular hiking destination and is open all year round, but hiking in winter needs advanced mountaineering skills. Remember to practice Leave No Trace and plan before taking a hike. Unpreparedness can be proven fatal, and you might want to do a self-assessment first even if you are a seasoned hiker. Ask a cardiology expert to make sure you are fit and able before your climb.

The Y

Man using a compassIf you don’t mind a short drive going to Provo, Y Mountain is situated close to the Brigham Young University (BYU). Famous for the large white “Y” on the side of the mountain that is bigger than the Hollywood letters in LA. The hike will usually take 1-3 hours to and fro where it’s a generally steep trail. The place is commended for keeping a clean trail and utilizes markers and benches along the trail. Reaching the top is rewarding, giving you a beautiful view of the Rock Canyon (if you turned right) or a full view of the Utah Valley (if you turn left towards the Y).

Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs offers a sight to see if you don’t mind an hour’s drive from Orem. Travelers heading over to the Alpine Scenic Loop via American Fork canyon make sure they include this on the itinerary. Up to seven gallons of water a day hits the impermeable rock, feeding the springs and ponds all over the area. The place offers two pathways for visitors, and they can choose the between a gently sloped trail and slightly steeper one, both a combination of pavement and wooded trails. Some trails take 15 minutes for a complete loop or a 45-minute trek for the complete view of the area.

Whether taking a day hike or a full hike over towering mountains, you can never go wrong with safety precautions and planning. Take time to read and find a place that would fit your schedule and activities that you want to experience, at the same time, check on your capabilities if you are fit to do the activity.

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