Classic Color Scheme Alternatives for Family Rooms

Family bonding in their living room

People save for years and take out seemingly high mortgages to afford a dream home for their families. Buying a desirable property is only half the battle when looking for a place your family will feel safe in and want to spend most of their time in. You will still need to decorate the space to make it ideal for bringing up a family. While most of the rooms should be decorated to reflect a family member’s desires, the family room should reflect your entire family’s values and desires.

Excellent interior designers based in Phoenix, Arizona will prove crucial in putting together a room where all family members can feel comfortable. The first element that you should focus on is a color scheme. This, after all, will be the basis of all the items you select for your family room. Here are some of the classic color schemes for your family room that will not go out of style:


This is considered the color of renewal and harmony since it echoes the natural tones of the world. Green for your walls, couch, pillows, and carpets makes the perfect family room for eco-conscious families who do not want the hassle of caring for live plants. It is also the ideal choice for those who find neutral color schemes too dull.


This color for your walls will make your family room seem spacious. It is a serene and elegant color that suits both contemporary and traditional decor. For homeowners who want to experiment with various art pieces around their family room, gray is the perfect wall and couch color. It will form a neutral backdrop for the inclusion of multiple colors in the room without looking too “busy.”


This is the popular family room color in American homes since it has a stabilizing and calming effect. Blue family rooms will also look orderly and clean without sacrificing your room’s aesthetic appeal. There are several shades of blue that will match neutral colors, such as cream and brown. If your floors are made of hardwood, then blue might be the stylish choice for your family room.


Empty room with beige wall

This is the leading neutral tone among interior designers. It is a dependable color that exudes the simplicity associated with raw fabrics. Beige is an ideal choice for property owners aiming for a minimalist look. You can pair beige walls and seats with multiple shades of white in pillows and curtains to generate a classy and stunning effect.


While this is not the obvious color scheme for a family room, it exudes a dramatic and unexpected look. Furniture will generally pop against the backdrop of black walls while glaring sunlight will be tempered. If you are not too keen on black walls, you can have your statement centerpiece as a black one then build your decor around it.

Property owners will focus on designing the best-looking living, dining, and guest rooms because they are the most visible ones to guests. While they are important, you should also aim to incorporate one of the classic color schemes mentioned above into your family room’s decor to make it exceptional for your family members.

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