Easy Getting Ready Hacks for When You Have No Energy

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Getting ready in the morning is a pretty important step that can determine how the rest of your day will go. That said, it can be draining to go through the entire routine when you’re always on the go or already tired. If you feel like you spend too much time getting ready in the morning, these tips can help you keep up without using up all your energy and time.

Start the Day Without Social Media

Social media is so prevalent nowadays, and there is a tendency for people to want to check on their socials once they wake up. In fact, data on global social media usage shows that people spend an average of two hours and 42 minutes a day on their socials. Try to drop this from your morning ritual and cut down on time it takes to actually getting ready.

Not only will this shave off a few minutes, but it can also help your day start better because you won’t be exposed to a barrage of media that can be both distracting and stressful.

Try Permanent Make-up

Even for natural looks, putting on makeup can take time. This rings especially true if you’re going for a full face or a special look for an event. You can lessen the steps you have to do if you try getting permanent make-up. With the advancements in beauty treatments and resources today, the make-up of this nature can fit different aesthetics. It is no longer the unnatural-looking vibe that the first variations had.

It also depends on you what you prefer. Nowadays, beauticians and specialists can do your eyebrows, eyeliner, and even your lips. So, it’s up to you to pick out which process takes you the longest and make that permanent. You could even safely opt for all of those options so that you can have a pretty much put-together look already.

Have Drinking Water at the Ready

It’s always good to have a glass or bottle of water at the ready by your bedside. Medical experts already note how drinking water first thing in the morning is healthy. According to data from Healthline, drinking water upon waking up improves mental performance and reduces calorie intake. Aside from that, though, you can also feel energized and less groggy. This makes it easier to accomplish what needs to be done more efficiently.

If you want a little something more than water, you can make yourself a nice cup of tea instead. The convenience with water is simply that it’s ready to drink as is with no other contraindications.

Set Aside a Night for Putting Together Outfits

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Choosing your outfit can take time, especially when you have to be mindful of putting together an acceptable look. Sometimes even the idea of having to put something together can stump you. A good way to get around this is to set a night to prepare some outfits for the week. You can anticipate chill looks, exercise outfits, and even formal attire, depending on your schedule.

Psychologists even revealed that gussying up in the morning can improve self-esteem and academic performance. They also noted continuing to get dressed for the day despite the work-from-home setup most people are in now, contributing to motivation and productivity.

Give Yourself a Five-minute Positivity Pause

It’s always a good day to start the day on a positive note. If you make it a point to take a few minutes to get into a good mindset, it can really set the tone for the day. A good thing you can try to practice is mindfulness. Just five minutes for this can set you on a better pace that makes the rest of your routine easier to get through. Mindfulness basically helps you to focus on the moment and remove any negative connotations in your mind.

According to research from Harvard, mindfulness is now considered a viable form of cognitive therapy that actually helps with depression, anxiety, and, interestingly, even physical conditions like psoriasis and irritable bowel syndrome. If you ever wonder if mindfulness may be the pathway for you that isn’t just a placebo effect, their studies also show actual changes in people’s brains before and after learning.

Each person has their own preferences when another day begins. However, applying these suggestions in a way that works with your routine can make each day more manageable to start. Don’t let your energy hold you back on a possibly productive day; learn how to encourage yourself for a better day.

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