How to Be Creative When Giving a Promise Ring

Promise Ring

Rings are great choices when it comes to showing someone how much they mean to you. However, you might not be ready to commit to marriage just yet, which is what makes promise rings for couples perfect for you and your partner.

Now, since this is as special as giving someone an engagement ring, you should give the ring to your special someone creatively or uniquely. Today, we will discuss a couple of suggestions for you to choose from when it comes to giving your loved one a promise ring.

Take Them on a Treasure Hunt

If you both are adrenaline and adventure junkies, then you will have lots of fun going on a treasure hunt. First, secure the location and make sure that no one else will bother you throughout the hunt. Second, hide the ring in a place that you know she’d look into. Third, create a map that will lead your loved one to the ring.

Planning this can be a little bit challenging, so if you need to ask for help from your friends and family, then do so.

Send Someone Else to Deliver It for You

You can hire someone to give the ring to your loved one instead of just giving it yourself. This makes the gesture a lot sweeter and will make it seem like you’ve prepared for it. You can either hire a group of singers to come to their house or have the ring delivered with flowers for a sweeter gesture.

If you still want to be involved, then you can try hiding behind the singers or the delivery man and then finally show up and give the ring yourself. It might seem cheesy, but your loved one will love that you’re fully prepared.

Promise Ring

Wrap It in a Different Box

If humor runs deeply in your relationship, you can try wrapping the ring in a different box, preferably one that’s unconventional and funny. The humor will make your loved one laugh once they open it.

Just ask them to open the box in front of you right away. They might make the mistake of throwing it later on, especially if you do not specifically tell them to take good care of the box because something special is inside it.

Put It in Her Glass

You’ve probably seen this in movies before, but it’s still a classic move when it comes to giving rings. Just make sure that your loved one will be able to see the ring. They might accidentally ingest it, which can lead to panic for both of you. If they’ve been taking a couple of sips and still do not notice the ring in it, tell them to take a peek inside. Don’t worry. They will feel surprised and happy.

Overall, being creative in the gifting process shows your loved one how much you care for them. The ring alone is enough to show your love for them, but the unique gestures make it a hundred percent more heartwarming.

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