Here’s how you should Store a Mattress

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Bed mattresses do not exactly come cheap, which is why it is very important to store your mattresses if you are not using it properly. Getting a high-quality mattress is a considerable investment, as you will be using it for 10 to 15 years or even more!

Today, we will discuss how you should really store your bed mattresses when buying beds online here in Brisbane. This is to make sure that it will not sag or even get moulds in the long run.

Do not Keep it in the Basement

You should never keep your mattresses in a basement, as this place usually gets damp and wet. Your mattress will easily get moulds when exposed to damp and moist areas for a long time, which can definitely ruin it right away.

Additionally, you would also want to keep your mattress safe from sharp objects. Avoid exposing it to your pets as well, as they can easily chew on the material and ruin it.

Keep it Out of the Frame

When storing a mattress, you should always remember to remove it from its bed frame. Disassemble everything and make sure to keep all the bolts, nuts, and screws in a plastic bag and store it somewhere safe.

You should also make sure to cover the bed and the frame with a clean blanket to keep the dirt and dust from coming in. You can also buy a mattress cover to keep the mattress safe. This usually comes pretty cheaply, plus, you can basically find it in your local hardware or department store.

Store it Flat

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Most people store their mattresses on their side, which should never be the case. Storing it sideways might make the bolts, screws and even the spring to move, causing the mattress to get damaged. When storing the mattress, make sure to lay it on a flat surface so everything will be laid out in place.

This is especially important if you are storing your mattress for a long time, as it might permanently cause the inner workings to shift.

Don’t Place Anything on Top of it

Avoid placing anything on top of the mattress, as this can cause permanent damage and dents to the mattress. If you need to put anything on top of it, make sure that it is super light so it would not cause any wrinkling or dent to the mattress’s surface.

You can, of course, put a clean piece of mattress cover or blanket on top of it, as these things are usually pretty light and would not cause any damage to the material.

If you want to use the mattress again, then make sure to clean and dust it off with baking soda. This will allow the funky smell to dissipate, plus, you get to clean the bed with minimal effort. Simply sprinkle a little bit of baking soda to the sides and the top of the mattress, let it sit for a couple of hours, and simply vacuum it off after.

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