Essential Tips and Tricks to Lower Your Home Maintenance Expenses

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Home maintenance is arguably one of the most expensive (and tedious) parts of being a homeowner and is right up there with paying for property taxes, insurances, and utility. The average American household spends around $3,067.00 annually in maintaining their homes; this includes the cost of repairs, routine tune-ups, and cleaning. While eliminating home maintenance costs altogether is not an option, it is possible to lower them without having compromising the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of your home.

Regularly Basic House Inspection

You don’t need to be a professional inspector or undergo hours/days of training to perform a necessary house inspection. Performing a top-to-bottom inspection in your home won’t cost you anything, but it can potentially save you hundreds (if not thousands). It would be best to schedule your home inspection when you’re spring cleaning your home, as you’ll be able to see every nook and cranny of your home while you’re cleaning and moving furniture around. During your inspection, it’s essential to keep an eye out for the following: cracks in the walls and foundation which can lead to flooding (particularly in the basement) and structural safety issues, wet spots on walls and ceilings that can be telltale signs of plumbing leaks or roof damage, and structural damage such as lose cracked or loose flooring. However, it’s still recommended for you to schedule an inspection with a professional at least once a year.

Frequent HVAC Tune-Ups

contractor cleaning the acThe thought of making tune-ups more frequent may sound counterproductive when we’re talking about lowering maintenance costs, but it’s an effective way to help you reduce your utility bill and prevent a costly repair due to your HVAC breaking down. It’s also recommended to have it inspected before winter and summer, as your HVAC system would need to work extra hard during these extreme temperature seasons, and you’d want to ensure that they’re well-maintained and ready for the job.

Clear Your Roof and Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters aid in diverting water away from your home to prevent flooding and water damage. When you fail to flood-proof your home, particularly its foundation, it can lead to very extensive damage and expensive repairs. So take time to regularly clean the gutters on your roof and around the house, it can take a few hours, but it can save you a lot of headaches and money.

Install a Water Filter

You may be wondering how having a water filter can help reduce your home’s maintenance cost. Areas like Utah have notoriously hard water (due to calcium, magnesium, and other mineral and metal deposits) that can damage your plumbing system and warrant expensive repairs. However, having a water filtration system in your home at Eagle Mountain, UT can help prevent this issue by effectively removing these impurities and particles from your home water supply. Not only that, but you’re also assured of having clean and safe water for your home.

Be Careful With DIY Projects

A lot of homeowners prefer doing home improvement, maintenance, or repair projects themselves instead of hiring professionals, partly because they enjoy doing it, but mostly because they want to save money. While the DIY option is significantly cheaper, the cost of botching a DIY repair or home improvement can heavily outweigh the potential savings. A study in the UK shows that homeowners spend around £3,200.00 (roughly $4,080) to repair botched DIY home improvement projects. As such, it’s best to know your limits and hire a professional to do the job if you’re not 100% confident about doing the repair or improvement on your own.


Home maintenance is an unavoidable aspect of owning a home, but it doesn’t have to be expensive if you follow preventive tips like the ones stated above.

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