5 Most Common Causes of Stomach Pain

Getting cramps on the stomach area will send you through a painful experience. You might try to find a cure, but you have to figure out first what is causing the sensation inside your body. Unfortunately, there are a lot of organs, muscles, and tissues cramped inside the abdomen. It will take you time to pinpoint the exact cause of your stomach pain, which prolongs the suffering. This is why you should consider consulting a doctor for diagnosis and to help you ease the pain. However, due to your busy schedule, you might not have the time. For now, you need to know the most common stomach pain causes to help you feel relief if you fail to get a doctor's appointment immediately.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning will take you through a painful experience. You will experience mild discomfort around the intestine area, and you will also suffer from dehydration. If you digest spoiled food, you might cough up blood or find it in your stool. Food poisoning is the general term for infections like salmonella and E. Coli. When you experience painful stomach pain after eating suspicious food, there is a chance that you might be suffering from food poisoning symptoms. You can treat food poisoning by drinking fluids and taking antibiotics, but it would be best to visit the doctor immediately.


Ulcer can disrupt a person's daily routine because of intense abdominal pain. The duodenum's protective lining develops holes and breaks that touch stomach acids. All types of ulcers will make you writhe in pain. When you experience an ulcer attack for the first time, there is a high chance that it will keep occurring. You may decide to fight through the pain, but you need to take action if you develop ulcerative colitis. The immune system attacks healthy cells in the colon's lining, which makes the pain sensation worse. You need to seek ulcerative colitis treatment in Sandy or wherever you are in the state for relief from the sore.


Most stomach pains have identifiable signs and justifiable reasons. Appendicitis does not have both. The inflammation of the appendix is not a common occurrence, but it happens to almost everyone once in their lives. When you experience sharp intolerable pain on your lower abdomen, you should consider it as a sign of appendicitis. Doctors recommend you visit if you suspect that you have sharp stomach pain because of it. You will require immediate surgery to remove the inflamed appendix.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones

You might feel pain while going to the bathroom to pee. If the sensation comes from the stomach and lower back, you might have kidney stones. Mineral and salt develop into small stone-like formations that move around in the kidney. You will feel the sharp pain when the stones make their way to the bladder. There are times when the kidney stones pass through your urine. However, you might also need surgery to remove big chunks of it safely.


Hernia mostly occurs on athletes, overweight people, and sickly people. Some of your organs will break through the tissue known as fascia. You will feel pain immediately when it happens and the sensation would affect the stomach and groin areas. When the fascia stretches due to added weight, you will increase your chances of suffering from a hernia.

Natural remedies are always at your disposal should you feel stomach pain. However, it is ideal for you to go to the hospital for a more accurate finding. When the doctor identifies your pain, you will get the right kind of treatment you need.

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