Groom Support: A Guide to Being the “Best Man” That You Can Be

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The tradition of having the best man at your wedding started around 2,000 years ago, from the German Goths. The only difference was that instead of the title being a formality, it’s actually from a test of physical strength and prowess to become one.

Nowadays, your family relatives or best pal can just call you up and invite you to be one because of how much you mean to them. The word “best” is a testament to that belief. Whatever the reason may be, it truly is an honor to be called upon to undertake such a task.

But the question is, are you up to it? How can you, as the best man, make sure that the soon-to-be husband has a good time before the big day? Keep reading, and you may learn a thing or two (or three).

Make Your Presence Felt

It’s true that the bride and groom’s family are the ones who are in charge of all the celebratory arrangements. It’s a working process that takes at least months in advance to prepare properly. Looking for the right people and companies may be a pain in the head, and they could use an extra hand.

Who better to ask than the one who stood by the groom’s side almost all his life? You’re not the best man for nothing. Be there when it matters even in the smallest situations.

If you can make time to go with them to provide an educated opinion about something that has to do with the preparations, then give it your best shot. This is the time to use your contacts, such as a wedding video production company or catering services, and you can get them a deal that will be truly worth it.

Moral Support

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During this time, emotions will run high, and nervous breakdowns tend to happen. Concerns may rush into the groom’s mind all at once and may give him further stress thinking about the things that could happen.

This may lead him to experience mental lapses and forget things that are important, such as how he should look or the schedules for meetings vital to the preparations. Be a good friend and best man by providing an avenue for him to vent out or just listen to what they have to say.

For sure they’re nervous since this is a once in a lifetime achievement and it will change their life forever, so expect the worst and be prepared to offer your full attention and understanding.

The Best Party

Of course, pre-wedding celebrations wouldn’t be complete without the stag party before the said event. It’s like a final hurrah from the single life to the married life.

This would be the last chance the groom would get to ever enjoying the life of a bachelor, but that doesn’t mean only going to gentlemen’s clubs or anything of the sort. You can capitalize on doing what you do best like, say, video gaming parties or a karaoke bonanza.

If you can, rent a space or an entire hotel room where you can enjoy an almost 24-hour celebration that will leave you filled with nostalgia and excitement at the same time.

Whatever your relationship is to the groom, what’s most important is that you’re always there to support and guide him in his married life just like how you did even before he decided to wed the girl of his dreams. The best man isn’t called the “best man” for nothing, so you should do everything that you can for him.

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