Ways to Turn a Simple Party into an Elegant Celebration

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Is there a special occasion coming up soon that you’d like to celebrate by hosting a party? Are you planning to have a small get-together at home to remember a special day?

Whether it’s a promotion, a wedding anniversary, or a baby shower, hosting a party is no small feat. You’ll have to do a head count, choose the kind of food to serve and think of a party theme. You’ll also have to come up with an invitation, a thank-you card, or party favours that will fit your celebration. You can set up a table for party bags filled with goodies at the venue itself, or if you’re feeling a little fancier, you can have chocolate gifts delivered to your guests’ doorsteps as your token. If you’re hosting or planning a party for the first time, here are five ways to set up a simple yet elegant celebration that will leave a lasting impression on your guests:

Personalize It

The key to personalization is knowing how your guests like to be called. Formal parties might use full names and titles. But a simple party can use first names or even nicknames for more personalization. You can tie a quaint tag on a stem glass with their name on it or have party favours personalized with their names to give away after the party. Nothing makes a guest feel more special than receiving something with their name on it.

Set the Right Mood with Lights

Lights are a crucial part of a party’s ambiance, especially if your celebration leaks through to the evening. Strategically placed around a patio or hanging on trees, string lights and candles can work wonders for outdoor celebrations. If you’re hosting an indoor dinner party, your bright lights should be where the food is or where people will be eating. If you’ll only be serving finger-foods and cocktails, dimmer lights would be more appropriate.

Choose a Theme Wisely

Themed parties are a good way to get everyone in on the celebration. That’s why it’s important to choose a theme that will fit not only the occasion but the venue, the food, and the people you’re inviting. Kids love fun and lively party themes while adults would prefer something less complicated. And both can achieve elegance by keeping your decorations moderate yet stylish.

Stylize Your Table Setting

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Based on your theme, your table should have a simple colour scheme and a setting that’s not too busy to look at. Choose centerpieces that don’t take up too much space and simplify your cutlery to make sure your guests have enough space to enjoy the food and the conversation that’ll go around the table.

Mind Your Food Presentation

If you plan to hire a caterer, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re planning to prepare the food yourself, you’ll find it helpful to look up a few tips and tricks in simple food presentation. Keep your food well placed on your plates. Use the right serving dishes and spoons for the type of food your serving. Some of these sound like no-brainers, but it wouldn’t hurt to do some research on how to beautifully present dishes of your delicious recipes.

No matter what it is you’re celebrating, you can always use these tips and tweak them according to the occasion. Remember that elegance means having style, grace, and sophistication. In today’s style standards, that means choosing a simple color palette and keeping your decoration lines and textures simple. Follow these tips on your next party-planning project, and you’ll be proudly tapping yourself on the back once all your guests have gone.

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