Why Utah Homeowners Should Install an Automatic Sprinkler

Automatic lawn sprinkler

Utah has offered a cash back incentive for homeowners who install an automatic outdoor sprinkler system. The state will cover up to $150 of the total cost of installation.

Whether you have one installed by a sprinkler contractor in Sandy or Salt Lake City, the system should have an EPA-approved smart controller. Some counties provide bigger rebates for installing automatic sprinklers. In central Utah, the Water Conservancy District will pay half of the purchase amount for an automatic system worth up to $1,500. Homeowners in Washington County may also qualify for the 50% rebate when they install a system worth up to $500.

Why the State Offers a Rebate

The state and local governments in Utah have incentivized installations of automatic sprinklers to encourage water conservation among residents. A smart sprinkler system saves water by knowing just how much a plant needs for proper growth. It does this while analyzing sunlight, temperature, wind and humidity levels in the outdoor environment.

You could also set a timer for the system to function only during certain times of the day, and some systems allow you to do this from a smartphone through an app. Instead of increasing rates for water consumption, officials hope that this would be a better alternative. Residents currently pay a flat fee for their water bills, and there are no surcharges penalties for using an excessive amount.

Hence, most people don’t have a reason to use a smart irrigation system for their lawns and gardens. An automatic sprinkler usually costs up to $400 more than a manual system, but it could be the same price when you take advantage of the rebate programs.

How Much Does it Cost?

Automatic lawn sprinkler

The size of your lawn and the number of zones will greatly affect the actual price of installation. You should expect to spend more when you install a system in a landscaped garden, as opposed to an installation in an empty lot. A contractor will also divide the lot’s size into zones. Each one will have at least five sprinkler heads connected to underground pipes.

This serves as one reason for installing a smart sprinkler on a landscaped lawn is more expensive, due to the intricacy of installing pipes for proper water distribution on each zone. Be ready to spend around $400 for the materials per zone. An automatic sprinkler for a single-family home may cost a total of $900 on average.

Any miscellaneous expense such as reworking the plumbing for underground pipes, reseeding and replanting will increase the overall cost. While it is possible to spend below $900, don’t skimp on the quality of materials since you could spend more on maintenance and repairs in the future.

It can be confusing to pick the right system for an automatic sprinkler, so it is best to consult an expert to find out the best option. Ask for quotes from at least three different contractors for a better comparison. Don’t forget to ask about the controllers to qualify for a rebate.

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