Why Gardeners Love Wearing Silicone Bands

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Gardening is one of the most tedious and difficult jobs available. It usually means enduring the heat of the sun, working with sand, rocks, and plants, and getting your hands dirty. These are some reasons why gardeners are fond of wearing silicone bands these days.

Today, we will discuss why you should consider wearing silicone wedding bands, especially if you are a gardener or you have a similar job.

You can wear them while working.

If you wear a metal wedding band, you most likely take it off before tending to your plants. You would not want it to get dirty or damaged, which is why you remove it before working.

With a silicone band, though, you do not have to worry about getting it dirty or damaged, as you can clean it right after. The dirt is easy to get off and would not get through the silicon band’s crevices, unlike with metal bands.

It can handle harsh chemicals and acids.

Gardeners usually work with lots of chemicals and acids while working with plants. You handle substances like fertilizers and pest control chemicals, which can be damaging to most metal bands.

If you do not want to worry about exposing your wedding ring to harsh chemicals and acids, you might want to consider getting a silicone band instead. Silicone rings are durable enough to handle most chemicals and acids. Plus, they would not irritate your skin once they get in contact with said chemicals.

They can withstand UV rays.

Being a gardener means working under the sun for most of the day. Metal bands can get discolored or damaged when exposed to the sun for long periods. On the other hand, silicone rings would not change its texture, color, or shape when exposed to the sun every single day.

Most silicone rings are heat- and cold-resistant. It means that it would be the best choice for people who are continually working even in extreme weather circumstances. You can check on your garden during the hottest day in summer or the coldest moment in winter (given that you’re protected).

You won’t even feel like you’re wearing a ring.

Silicone rings are comfortable on the fingers. That means that you would not even feel like you are wearing it when gardening. Each ring is designed to match the wearer’s hands and fingers. Silicone bands have a durable and comfortable material that every gardener would love.

Most silicone rings are also hypoallergenic. It means that you would not get rashes while working, even if you have the most sensitive skin type.

Silicone rings are safe to wear anywhere, even when traversing mountains or swimming on a beach. You would not have to worry about your finger or hand getting stuck in some machinery and having the ring crush your fingers. Silicone bands are flexible. Most of them are affordable too, so if you want to make the switch, you can do so right away! Enjoy gardening with your new wedding ring, and make sure to make the most out of it.

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