Tiny Wedding Essentials: Should I Have a Micro Wedding?

Planning a wedding is no easy feat and requires a huge investment. With the pandemic going on, the current situation has left modern couples torn on whether having a wedding celebration is worth it. According to the 2019 Real Weddings Study by the Knot, the average wedding cost before the pandemic was over $30,000. Although the current average cost of a wedding has dropped by $19,000 because of COVID-19, these figures are still costly if a couple is strapped on cash.

Pandemic or not, couples are not letting COVID-19 stand in their way. There’s no stopping brides-to-be from wearing their stunning wedding dresses on their special day. Wedding planners are addressing the COVID-19 safety guidelines by introducing flexible options and intimate alternatives to traditional weddings.

In this article, we’ll be introducing a new wedding trend during the COVID-19 pandemic — micro weddings. This type of wedding celebration is simpler and smaller in terms of guest size, but it doesn’t mean the wedding is any less spectacular. So if you’re thinking if a micro wedding is right for you, we’ve laid out the things you should expect when planning a micro wedding.

What is a micro wedding?

Many people make the mistake of defining a micro wedding as an elopement wedding. As the name goes, a micro wedding is a small, intimate wedding celebration with a maximum of 20 guests, including a few close family members and handpicked friends and guests. Generally, micro weddings share similar features with a large traditional wedding, but it is smaller in scale with a relaxed vibe.

Because of its small nature, a micro wedding offers more flexibility for the wedding venue. The wedding ceremony can take place in a small garden, backyard, poolside, or any venue that celebrates the couple’s unique style. Although a micro wedding may be a bit different from the traditional wedding ceremonies, it doesn’t make it any less special. Couples can make it look grander, depending on the attire, food, decor, and entertainment of their choice.

Should I have a micro wedding?

Deciding whether to have a micro wedding depends on you and your partner. Planning the size of the wedding can heavily affect the whole wedding plan from the venue, guest list, theme, and food. Your creativity can help you envision which elements should go well for the wedding. At the same time, you need to prioritize which needs to be included and the ones you can let go of.

This type of wedding celebration works for couples with a minimalist mentality. They love a good old wedding tradition but prefer a comfortable, bare-bones gathering minus the pomp and glamor. This is also ideal for couples living in areas with strict guidelines about public gatherings. A micro wedding offers a great alternative to ensure everyone is socially distanced.

The purpose of a micro wedding is to have an intimate wedding celebration curated for the couple and their loved ones. It’s a tight-knit and romantic ceremony that allows the couple to interact closely with every person included in the guest list.

A micro wedding is not always budget friendly. Instead, it lets couples have better control over which elements they want to spend more money on. With fewer guests, having a lavish wedding is possible while maximizing the costs for the guest rates.


Elements of a micro wedding

Budget. Micro weddings are known for being budget flexible. It offers the opportunity to maximize each detail and guest rate. But if you want to go all out for the honeymoon, go for a less expensive wedding party. Whatever you decide, the budget depends on how simple or expensive you want the wedding to be like.

Wedding venue. The great thing about a micro wedding is it allows a wide range of venue choices. It can be in a private dining area, an art gallery, a farm, or a rooftop with a magnificent view.

Guest list. The trickiest part of a micro wedding is coming up with a small guest list. Since it will be an exclusive event, you want to make sure only the most important people in your life are invited.

Attire. The attire is pretty much the same as that in traditional weddings. The wedding attire, makeup, and hair can be laid-back or formal, depending on the theme.

Food and entertainment. Since you’ll be having fewer guests, you have the freedom to splurge on the food, desserts, and beverage for less than 20 people. If you have a bigger budget, you can book a DJ, live music, or standup comedian.

Hosting a micro wedding offers creative and daring opportunities for modern couples. Even if you’re short on budget, a micro wedding allows couples to enjoy the amazing details of a traditional wedding without breaking the bank. More importantly, having a small wedding means having to enjoy your most special day with the closest loved ones.

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