The World of Dating: Then and Now


It’s understandable that the world witnesses plenty of changes as the seasons change. This applies to not only the physical characteristics of our environment but also our aspects of living. In the modern age, so many societal notions are being redefined, two of which are dating and relationships.

Strict Courting

In the past, everything was strictly regulated and affected by gender ideologies. Traditional dating, or courting, was always expected to be led by the man. Moreover, the manner in which the two parties meet is common in most scenarios. They can meet during soirees, town parties, or their parents come together to make them meet.

What follows after is a venture that is typically ridden with many obstacles. It is important to remember that the man is on the journey to get the approval of not only the woman he is courting but her family’s, as well. In fact, both parties have much to consider during the courtship period.

Most notable is the man (and woman’s) societal standing. Influence and finances are thought to be some of the most important characteristics of a person. Should the families find that the man or woman meet their criteria, then an engagement blessing may be imparted on the couple.

The marriage soon comes after.

Casual Dating

casual date

Dating and relationships continued to evolve as the years passed. The middle class grew, families became more lenient, and there was also the multiple waves of the feminist movement to take note of. Beginning in the 70s, dating became more casual. Both men and women were given the liberty to explore their options. Unlike in the past, not all relationships led to an engagement and marriage.

Nowadays, dating and relationship patterns may share similarities to the ones in the past, but it differs in other ways, as well. Entering a relationship should not be stifling nor long-winded, as we all know. Furthermore, parties and get-togethers are not the only avenues through which one can meet their potential love interests.

Online Dating

Many avenues make full use of what the digital age has to offer. There are dating applications available in the market. These applications are now so incredibly diverse that there are certain apps that cater to a queer demographic. Basic information is required, as well as some information regarding one’s interests. After, with simple swipes, people can engage in conversation with strangers, which can be their future romantic partners.

There is an alternative for those who do not want to take a chance on online interactions, which is understandable. The help of a matchmaking company can be employed. Many of these companies are dedicated to finding the perfect match for their clients. The process for matchmaking companies is more in-depth, to ensure that the two people they set up will be compatible.

With all that said, it should be expected that things will continue to change. Given the exponential rate at which technology evolves, as well as how humans adapt to modern circumstances, it would not be surprising if the methods that are available today will be further improved to help people in their quest to find the best person to date, and later enter a relationship with.

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