The Many Benefits of Dental Implants in Bromley

Man with missing tooth

Missing teeth can be a pain. Although it’s often associated with old age, people lose teeth at all ages for many different reasons. A teenager may slip up on their skateboard and knock a tooth out. A youngster at university could take an elbow to the face on the rugby field and loose a couple of pearly whites. A hard-working professional could be struck down with an infection they can’t shake and there goes a tooth. And the list goes on.

While some can shake off a gappy smile, for most it puts a crimp in their self-confidence. Being able to smile a full, radiant smile is so important for human beings to feel relaxed and happy with themselves. Without it, a lot is missed. This is where dental implants in Bromley come in. These highly functional tooth replacements offer many practical and aesthetic benefits. Many dentists in the area, such as those at Bromley Dental Practice, offer implants.

Why replace teeth?

If there’s just one or two teeth missing, why go to all the trouble of getting dental implants in Bromley? There are so many reasons. Here’s some of the practical ones:

  • Jawbone density is lost when teeth fall out, and the face starts to sag
  • Surrounding teeth may become loose or fall into the gap
  • It may cause the person to chew more on the other side of the mouth, leading to uneven wear on those teeth, which could then also fail
  • They may have to restrict their diet because biting or chewing is more difficult – this can have nutritional and health consequences.

And what about the wider impact? Here’s why it’s important to feel free to smile a genuine smile:

  • Humans are hard-wired to respond positively when another smiles at them – they will subconsciously see this person as someone who is trustworthy
  • this makes relationships of all kinds easier – personal and professional
  • Smiling releases a cascade of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotine in the brain, creating a warm and fuzzy feeling
  • Feeling positive about smiling and not feeling the need to hide missing teeth leads to an upturn in self-esteem.

Put into this context, dental implants in Bromley are a no-brainer.

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