Selfies Won’t Cut It for These Special Events

Friends taking a selfie at a party

There will never be a shortage of family occasions to celebrate. Though not all family gatherings may warrant the extensive documentation that holidays and milestones deserve, it’s never a bad thing to take a couple of selfies with everyone.

But are selfies enough to document an important event? You’ll want more professional photos when it comes to the following:


Not everyone wants or believes in a wedding, and not everyone finds someone to get married to. For those who are lucky enough to find that special someone they want to be married to for life, it’s only appropriate to have the most flattering photos after a solemn ceremony.

It’s just something selfies cannot give you. With selfies, there’s the issue of angles and lighting. They also don’t give you the spontaneity that family photography can offer. Your extended family in Utah might not fit into the frame no matter how much the person taking a selfie rearranges the camera angle.

A photographer will have a better way of framing the shot with everyone poised for it, too. There’s also the undeniable fact that some individuals are camera shy or camera conscious.

This means you will not take the most flattering shot of them because they are aware of being photographed. On the other hand, a family photographer knows how to weave in and out of the scene to take a shot without disturbing the subject.


Couple having a romantic dinnerIt’s a blessing to reach a certain age or to stay married despite hardships you faced as a couple. Even death anniversaries may be celebrated as a way to remember the person who has passed away. You want these celebrations to be given the recognition they deserve, especially if there have been new additions to the family.

Imagine having given birth to your first child, but because you didn’t celebrate and properly document your wedding anniversary, there’s no picture showing when the child was welcomed into the family. Yes, they have photos for their birth, but wouldn’t you want to see their growth respective to the growth of your marriage?

Seasonal Celebrations

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but the holiday season may still be a good chance to catch up with family or friends. This is why plenty of reunions are scheduled during this time of year.

Everyone wants to meet before the year closes, and they’re open to trying something new to bring good memories onto the next year. You’ll want these gatherings to have a place in your heart and in your photo album.

Families even hire a photographer to take their photos for greeting cards, and it’s a fun way to introduce your family to neighbors and family friends. Whether you want it to be a professional-looking family portrait or a goofy picture, your photographer can handle it for you.

It’s fun to look back at fond memories you’ve made with the family through the years. Even for that reason alone, you should make sure the photographs you have of special occasions show everyone in their element.

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