The Birth of Luxury Minimalism

A room with minimalist design

Minimalism is not at all new, but it is quite the rage all over the world. Even in the UK, you will notice first-time homeowners looking into smaller homes, especially for unmarried individuals. There is also a change in how people use their money. Apparently, many like to spend on experiences instead of buying more stuff. This has put a new name to minimalism: luxury minimalism.

It seems like people are choosing to buy less even if each item is not necessarily less expensive. Is this a bad thing?

Investing in Yourself

Done right, investing in yourself can make you feel like a more fulfilled individual. It might be something as simple as looking for a chaise lounge sofa for sale to be your go-to stress relief solution at home or it could be in the form of streamlining your makeup routine.

With products that are multifunctional, it is no wonder that minimalism has hit a new high and that those who follow this kind of lifestyle do not necessarily miss on anything. You still get the relaxing feeling that you will get if you had a bigger, bulkier sofa and you still get dewy looking skin without hundreds of different products.

Buying Expensive, but High-quality Products

Even with a minimalist lifestyle, you do not have to compromise quality. This is where you need to consider each purchase not just for their price, but also for the quality you get for your money.

A regular person can be tempted to buy many cheap clothes because they are fashionable at the moment, but after a couple of washes, they will lose their shape, fade, or look worn. Those do not have a place in a minimalist’s closet. What you will likely find are higher-end items, again not solely because of the price, but because they will last longer and will not need replacement anytime soon.

Making the Most of a Small Space

Small living room with dresser and sofa

It does not make sense for a minimalist to live in a big, empty house. You will more likely have a smaller house, and that is all you need. You are eliminating clutter in the form of items bought impulsively. You keep to the things you use often and you want your space to serve your needs just the way you like them.

However, this might mean needing customised furniture, which can cost more than mass-produced items. Tables and chairs can be packed away to use less space is a staple of small house living, for instance. Though minimalists do not need to live in the smallest house possible, should they choose to do so, they should be able to keep the same quality of life, even if it is simpler. It is all about what you feel for the things surrounding you. The goal is to live a simpler life that will make you happy.

A house is a physical structure. Your home, however, is bigger than its physical space. Whether you choose to be minimalist, it can spark so much joy in your life if you do it right, costs notwithstanding.

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