Spring Break: Enjoying the Vacation Safely During a Pandemic

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Every spring break, people look forward to letting out some stress by visiting the beaches south of the border. But with the pandemic, it is prudent to avoid the crowds that normally converge at the resorts in Florida. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also advises people to avoid traveling at this time since it increases the chances of getting the virus, especially if they haven’t gotten the vaccine yet.

But if college students still want to take a short break from their online or hybrid classes, they have some options to get a mental health break while staying safe from the virus.

Things to Consider

Before going through the places where people can spend spring break, they still need to follow proper health protocols. While the number of new infections has gone down since late last year, it’s still important for people to wear a mask and bring an extra one. If possible, they should drive to their destination since traveling with the people they live with lowers the chance of infection compared to flying or riding a train.

It is also advisable to avoid destinations where crowds may converge. In these places, it will be challenging to maintain social distancing. If they are planning to eat out, they can look for a restaurant that offers outdoors eating. If possible, they should also book private accommodations at their destination. This allows people to avoid crowds in hotels. They can also cook and eat at the rental house, which saves money from eating at a restaurant.

With these guidelines in mind, they will have a better chance of staying safe from the virus when they go out and enjoy spring break somewhere else.

Island Vacation in the U.S.

Going on an island vacation doesn’t always mean taking a plane to an island paradise. While this may be a tempting option, it is not a good idea, especially with the pandemic yet to end. But the United States has some options for travelers who want to take to the beach on a small island.

South Padre Island in Texas

South Padre Island is a small island resort located off the coast of Texas. Its weather is perfect for water sports, such as paddle boarding, jet skiing, and kayaking. It may even be a good place for the ladies to put on their Liberty swimwear that has been staying in the closet for a good part of last year. The island has several options when it comes to accommodations, including a campground and rental homes.

Hilton Head Island in South Carolina

For spring breakers looking to go parasailing, boating, or fishing, Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is a good option. Besides water sports, visitors to this island with twelve miles of beaches can also look forward to horseback riding, biking, and golf. Similar to South Padre Island, people can also stay in home rentals to avoid mingling with other people at this spring break destination.

Adventure Trip


People who are not into spending their vacation on a beach may consider exploring the great outdoors. The United States has many national and state parks where spring breakers can enjoy the beauty of nature at its best.

Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee offer a lot of nature activities that allow people to socially-distance themselves from everyone else. They can go mountain biking, fishing, or hiking. The place offers scenic views of nature, and families can look forward to staying at apartment-style accommodations in a resort in the area. The resort also has several amenities for the whole family, including a miniature golf course.

Big Bend National Park in Texas

Big Bend National Park in Texas gives spring breakers the chance to go rafting at the Rio Grande River or hiking the trails of the park. Other activities at the park include zip-lining and horseback riding. The area is also great for bird watchers since hundreds of bird species normally take refuge on the mountain range at the end of the road. The area is also home to thousands of animal species, which is a great place to visit for animal lovers. It is even home to some fossilized dinosaur bones. Accommodations come in the form of an RV park.

While people normally look forward to going to Cancun and other destinations south of the border for spring break, it’s not advisable at this time. Many Americans already received at least one dose of the vaccine, but the same cannot be said in other places.

Despite this, they can still relax and enjoy themselves by going to some relatively safer destinations within the border.

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