5 Tricks to Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Figure


The data brief released in 2009 by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), with the participation of the Guttmacher Institute, revealed that there was an average of 102.1 for every 1,000 US women aged 15-44 who got pregnant across the country. Meanwhile, the rates for women aged 30 and above increased, with the birth rate for married US women significantly higher than that of unmarried women at 72 percent.

These figures ultimately point out the fact that quite a lot of women undergo pregnancy and with it, the inevitable changes in their bodies. As their tummies stretch to accommodate the growing baby inside the womb, the skin in the abdominal region eventually forms a flap that can get unsightly following childbirth. For many women, this is a huge reason for concern, which is why many of them resort to different ways to get rid of the pregnancy flap and bring back their pre-pregnancy figure at any cost.

If you happen to have the same predicament, then here are five ways on how you can regain your figure before you conceived:

Get a tummy tuck

For new moms who don’t want to take the long and arduous road towards gaining back their old figure, undergoing a quick tummy tuck procedure is like a magic potion. This particular surgical procedure is officially called abdominoplasty, which is also the preferred method of literally shedding excess weight in the tummy region for women who wish to make their tummy look firm and attractive.

This procedure usually takes one to five hours depending on the type of operation needed. For a mini tummy tuck, it takes an hour or two; for a full tummy tuck, it’s somewhere between two to five hours.

It’s also what is called an outpatient procedure, which means that you can walk out of the operating room right after the operation once you’re rested well enough. However, you should first consult with the surgeon since not everyone can, and is advised to, have a tummy tuck for several reasons including existing medical conditions that could affect the surgery.

Begin some light exercises immediately, if deemed safe

A lot of new moms have the wrong notion that they should wait for some six weeks or more before they can begin doing some light exercises to gradually regain their pre-pregnancy shape. In truth, they can start some light exercises once the doctor said that it’s safe to do so.

Among the suggested exercises for new moms are pelvic floor and isometric exercises, as well as leisurely walks and some yoga or pilates. The idea is to gradually work out a routine and then progress naturally as the body starts to recover from childbirth. This will shorten the waiting time for moms to somehow bring back (if not fully) their pre-childbirth body, particularly in the tummy area.

Do cardio and strength training regimen

Once you’re strong enough to up the ante, you should then try doing some cardio and strength training exercises to slowly but surely shed off excess pounds and tone up your abdominal muscles to a near-pre-mommy state.

Among other routines, you can do squats and shoulder raises, lunges and triceps extensions, and a one-minute shuffling sideways to get the heart going. You could do these routines for several weeks until it’s time to proceed to more intensive workouts.

Eat good food


While some desperate moms turn to crash dieting to bring down their post-pregnancy weight, it’s not such a great idea in reality. Instead of trying to go such a desperate route, moms wishing to shed off those extra pounds gained during pregnancy should eat healthily through a well-balanced diet. A quick visit to a registered nutritionist-dietitian is all it takes to have a custom dietary-nutrition plan that would give mom’s needed nourishment while helping achieve the ideal weight.

When paired with an effective exercise regimen, your diet will surely speed up your recovery and you’ll easily get your desired body weight and shape in no time.

Breastfeed, if possible

If you can breastfeed your baby (because some others are, sadly, not so lucky), you have to take the opportunity. Not only is breastfeeding excellent for mom-baby bonding, but it’s also best for a newborn child as it helps boost immunity and minimizes risks of infant diseases such as obesity, asthma, and gastrointestinal infections.

Best of all, it’s great for you since it’s proven that breastfeeding can help shed the extra weight gained throughout pregnancy.

Simply follow these tips down to the last detail and you’ll soon be on your way to regaining your pre-pregnancy shape.

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