Rules of Engagement: Pointers on Delivering Proper Marriage Proposals

marriage proposal

If you’re going to be romantic about it, you can view someone’s love life as an epic journey. They’re the hero who has to go through numerous challenges to be with the person they love. It takes a lot of effort and courage to go from being acquaintances to dating, and it will require a whole lot more now that they’re going to propose to the other person. If you’re in this stage of your own journey and all you’re doing is daydreaming about it, then you might set yourself up for failure. Increase your chances of success by planning it out and doing it properly.

Where Do I Propose?

Proposing marriage recklessly in a public setting might get you unexpected results in either direction. They might find it adorable and say yes in a heartbeat, or they might turn you down without mercy. Don’t waste your lab-created diamond rings by doing it just anywhere. Have a date in a place where both of you can be at ease and be able to think properly. Make sure that the place can make you relaxed enough to give your proposal with confidence. It should make them comfortable enough to answer it honestly. Even your home is good enough if that’s where you can be yourselves.

When Should I Propose?

Timing is an important element in proposing marriage. If you do it too early or too late, you will risk rejection because they won’t be in the best of mind for it. It’s not just you who should be ready, but them as well. After all, marriage is an agreement between the two of you, and you must both be willing to say yes. A good time would be if they start seriously discussing your future with each other, but you shouldn’t rush if you’re not prepared. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to buy the ring, the symbol of your proposal, before you do anything.

What If They Reject Me?

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This question is always at the back of the mind of anyone who dares to do anything they usually wouldn’t. You might be asking this yourself as well. However, if you’re going to propose marriage anytime soon, you have to be prepared for this possibility. Take note that “no” isn’t always “not ever.” Depending on the person and the situation, it can mean “not now.” In that case, you can talk it out and help them through any problems that they’re facing. If you truly love each other enough to marry each other eventually, then there is no reason to feel bad when you receive a “no” the first time around.

Keep in mind that this is all a guide to how you can give a better proposal. These aren’t rules that are set in stone. As long as you always consider your partner and you plan well, you should be fine. However, it ends up becoming, you won’t find out until the time you pop the question. So take courage and trust yourself to find the right time and place to give it in the best way that you can.

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