Relaxation Space: 3 Wellness Room Ideas

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Even before the pandemic, people have been so stressed with the fast-paced lifestyles we’re all trying to live. When we were finally asked to stay at home in the meantime to avoid getting the virus, we thought about how to make our spaces more livable and more contributory to our aim to be “well.” That’s when we realized the one thing that our homes lack. We do not have wellness spaces. These are appointed rooms or spaces or corners that will allow us to “simply be.” The space should provide ample opportunity for us to do whatever we want—read, meditate, or pursue a hobby.

Setting an Intention

What eliminates your stress? Is it doing your hobby? Is it meditating? How about reading a favorite book? Before you think about how to design the wellness room, you have to decide what makes you “well” in the first place. Once you know what kind of room it will be, choosing the space and designing it accordingly becomes easier.

1. Meditation Room

Meditating is the best activity for your mind, body, and spirit. It’s free and easy to do. You don’t need an extra room to meditate, though a wellness room specifically designed for meditation will help.

To decorate a meditation room, think uncluttered. There is no meditation room with too much clutter. Your mind cannot rest when you see a pile of books in one corner of the room. Thus, make sure the room is free from all clutter. Then, appoint a particular space where you can meditate. Put a yoga mat and some pillows where you can rest. Most people want unique pillows in Mediterranean and Tuscan themes. They provide that warm feeling people want when meditating.

Plants will also make you feel great because it gives off oxygen. They are also an incredible sight to behold. Lastly, play meditation music when you are trying to relax and feel comfortable. Nothing beats good tunes to relax your body.

2. Reading Room

girl reading a book

Unfortunately, reading is becoming obsolete. If you still love reading an actual book rather than a Kindle, create a peaceful room at home where you can do this. Your wellness room, then, is a reading room where there is no TV and distractions. Avoid bringing your phone into this room. If you have to, put the phone in silent mode.

A reading room should have a pleasant and comfortable chair, some plants, a good light source, and relaxing music. If music distracts you, then eliminate that from the room as well. Try not to make the chair too comfortable that you sink in the softness of the pillows. That might lull you to sleep rather than finish the book.

There are two things you have to consider when designing a reading room or nook. The first one is the amount of light that gets into the room. While you don’t want the light to hurt your eyes, enough light should be directed over the book to protect your eyes from the strain. Also, invest in an ergonomic chair that will support your back, or you will suffer from back pain after less than an hour of reading.

3. Hobby Room

Sometimes, you just want to get lost in your hobby. Whether painting, knitting, crocheting, or creating with beads, these hobbies will take your mind off your worries for a little while. It’s only right that they get a room for themselves. You can use the space to store your supplies. Just make sure to keep it neat because clutter will stress you out rather than relax you.

To design the hobby room, use storage bins and organizers to keep everything in place. Then, invest in an ergonomic table and chair that will not hurt your back, legs, and wrists. The room should also have plenty of light so you can do your creations without straining your eyes. Big windows are a plus but if that is not possible, use a well-placed lamp to focus on what you are working on.

A hobby room is vital for one’s sanity. Over the years, those who stress themselves out too much at work end up getting burnt out. A designated room for your interests will rest your mind from all the troubles you encounter at work.

Homes with wellness rooms will sell better in the future. If you have any plan of selling your home, think about this as a significant investment. It doesn’t have to be a large room. It just needs to be large enough to fit you and whatever you want to do with it—a reading chair, a table for your hobby, or a yoga mat for meditation.

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