Ramping Up the Security of Your Workplace

For a business owner or manager who has never experienced or witnessed any violence or theft in the workplace, it is probably easy to neglect security. It does entail additional costs, after all. Whatever you spend on workplace security, however, is worth the investment in the long term.

No report of any wrongdoing in your workplace is the reward you reap. On the other hand, it is likely for a criminal act to cost you more, in the absence of any security measures that could have prevented it.

Here are some of the most effective ways to reduce the possibility of security breaches in your workplace.

Audit Your Security Policies

It is also possible to neglect security if you have some policies already in place. Security is a full-time job, however, and it is only right to audit whatever policies you already have. How are they being enforced and how effective are they in real-world applications?

Have your HR make a background check of your employees, including your applicants. It is also wise to hold security training sessions at least every six months. You can also post security updates on internal channels, so your employees are aware.

Consider Using Uniforms

work uniform

Custom printed workwear can go a long way in ensuring limited access to the premises where only authorised employees are allowed. Uniforms can double with IDs in keeping employees within areas where they are cleared to work.

This is important in keeping vandalism, data theft, pilferage and other such violations at bay. Also, customised shirts serve as additional forms of advertising.

Hire a Reputable Security Agency

You need security guards to watch your premises. Assign a guard for every entrance/exit. There should be roving guards, as well, especially after hours. Not only should guards be patrolling the interior of your building; guards on motorcycles, a car or bicycles should be making rounds outdoors.

This will make it difficult for intruders to enter. Even the presence of security personnel alone is a deterrent. Thieves and other criminal elements are more likely to move on to another mark if they know your place is well-guarded.

Treat Your Employees Well

This might not be a direct security move, but it is only right to treat your people well. Employees who are treated with respect and who feel appreciated are less likely to think of ways to “get even” with their perceived tormentor.

In many cases of theft and vandalism, employees are to blame. It is either they did the crime on their own or worked with outsiders. It has not foolproof, but employees who are happy and who feel safe are not given to committing acts that are detrimental to the company.

Quite the contrary, they often develop a sense of ownership and accountability and are more likely to report anything out of the ordinary.

Security is a 24/7 responsibility. Learn more ways to ramp up the security in your workplace. Good security will protect your investment as well as your employees and customers.

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