Prepped and Ready to Go with Lightweight Wheelchairs


It can feel a little wistful and sad to be leaving the warmer days of autumn behind. On the other hand, it’s time to get cosy and layer up to enjoy the fullness of the winter season. It can feel bracing and empowering to get out there in all weathers and experience everything nature has to offer. All that’s needed to make this a comfortable experience for people in lightweight wheelchairs is the right equipment and a little chair care.

Choosing a chair

Lightweight wheelchairs, from a supplier like Karma Mobility, are easy to use, great for packing into small spaces like a car or cupboard and can be self-propelled. While they are not usually the top choice for long distances or uneven terrain, they can easily be used for a quick trip to the local shop or a turn around the block for a bit of fresh air.

Layer up

Choice of clothes is important for users of lightweight wheelchairs. Sitting still in the chair requires a lot of warmth ad perhaps a blanket or wheelchair cosy. However, if someone chooses to self-propel, this can build up some heat. The key is to wear plenty of breathable layers so that they can be removed and replaced as required.

Gloves are also a key component of self-propelled wheelchair use. Sturdy, thick gloves with a good grip are required. These might be supplemented with a thinner, warm pair underneath so that the outer gloves can be removed when they are not in use and the user can still benefit from the warmth of the second pair of gloves.

Finally, some shaped waterproofing over the top of everything helps to ensure a comfortable ride. There is a difference between something that is designed for a quick shower and something more heavy-duty, so the choice of waterproof gear depends on how intrepid someone intends to be with regards to the weather.

Chair care

In the winter months, it’s even more important than usual that someone does maintenance checks on their chair and tyres. They may wish to have their chair serviced by their original supplier. All the joins, screws and the quality of the tyres need to be kept up to standard.

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