Why Many Introverts Appreciate Traveling More

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Are you someone who enjoys staying in more than going out with your friends? Do you often find solace reading a book with the sound of raindrops in the background? Do you prefer peaceful Tai Chi sessions or classes over CrossFit classes? Lastly, does the company of other people in public places set you off?

Well, if you answer yes to everything, that would make you an introvert. Before you get the wrong connotation, let us clarify that being an introvert is not a bad thing. Furthermore, it does not prove that being an extrovert is better. These are two main types of personality traits that categorize people by their sociability and cheerfulness.

By definition, it is the outgoing extroverts who are keen to travel with friends, go out to have fun, and just go on spontaneous adventures. However, in this article, we would talk about why it is introverted people who put deeper meaning in traveling.

The Introvert Personality Trait

An introvert is someone who revels in being in their own company. They are not limited to that situation all time, but they need time to recharge and get their energy back to socialize again. An introverted person could appear to be aloof and shy, although it is not always the case.

Introverted people also prefer activities that need lesser energy and lesser people to deal with. They take pleasure from reading, journaling, or meditating. They tend to concentrate on a single thing. They overanalyze situations, observe their surroundings and take their time to think before they open their mouths. You could say that they are careful with every single thing, and some might perceive them as boring people. However, that is only because they do not understand what makes introverted people special.

It takes time for introverted people to open up. Given the time, they do open up and slowly bloom into more sociable lovely persons.

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Introverts and Traveling

Just because introverted people prefer to be at home, does not mean they do not wish to travel. More often than not, they are the ones who wish to go on an adventure, and here are the reasons why:

  • They have a highly active imagination

We have mentioned that their common hobbies are reading and writing, and for this reason, they have a highly active imagination. Their senses and perception are more on point than their counterpart. This trait gives them a stronger desire to see the places they read about.

An introverted girl who is enchanted with Greek myths all her life would find means to travel to Greece more so than someone who is only about the Santorini bandwagon.

  • They are naturally curious beings.

Following the point above, introverted people are natural thinkers. Their minds naturally develop innate questions about how things are and if they have been living with a purpose and meaning. These people are often described as deep and for the right reasons.

Due to their natural curiosity, they tend to separate from the pack of people in a foreign place. They tend to get left behind by the tour bus because they are still taking in the culture, and that is why they make excellent DIY backpackers instead of just being a regular tourist.

  • They find peace with nature.

See, being a tourist and a traveler are two different things. Although nothing is wrong with being a tourist, being a traveler is more deeply rooted in wanderlust. A tourist stays in commercial hotels; a traveler would stay in a rented tent outside the mountains.

An introverted person is more likely to be a traveler than a tourist. They like doing things at their own pace, and they find solace in the wonders nature gave us. Mountain activities might appeal to them more than people-filled beach parties.

That same Greek myth-enthusiast girl would likely go to Greece alone, all prepared to stay in the country for two weeks of exploration than settle for a three-day tour that limits her adventures to crowded city-state destinations.

Introverts are merely people who dance through their music, and this beat not everyone hears. If you have a friend or a loved one whose music is too silent to hear, learn to listen. Take a break from trying to push drastic activities together, and just pay attention to his or her preferences. Stop inviting people they might not know to your anniversary trips and take her to somewhere private and peaceful, somewhere you could finally hear the music too.

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