How to Make Your Wedding Memorable

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Your wedding is going to be an amazing day — not only for you but for all your attendees! Because you’re only likely to have a wedding once in your life to commemorate the opening of a new chapter, you’re going to want it to be memorable.

You have to be completely hands-on in planning your wedding. And trust us, the planning part may be stressful, but it’s going to be fun too! There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to take part in organizing your wedding ceremony.

Here’s what you can do to make your wedding more memorable.

Choose a unique venue

Gone are the days when spouses have to adhere to the traditional wedding ceremony. You can make your wedding unique and special in your way. You have the liberty to choose where you want to hold the ceremony. Choose a unique venue that holds a special place in your heart.

You can hold your wedding in the woods, in your backyard, or in front of the clear blue sea. It’s entirely up to you and your spouse. You and your guests are sure to remember a wedding held in an unconventional venue.


Your wedding should be all about you and your spouse. That’s precisely why you have a say in the type of flowers you want, the color of the table cloths, etc. As much as possible, you should stray away from general decorations and add a lot of personal touches to your venue.

Make sure everything about your wedding can be traced back to you and your spouse’s interests. For example, you can decorate with your favorite colors, or have fun with the theme.

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Prepare a surprise for your guest

Chances are, guests attend weddings knowing what to expect. They already know the flow of the ceremony and the programs and activities lined up for the event. But to make your wedding more memorable, why don’t you prepare a surprise for your guests? Give them something they will never expect to happen in the ceremony.

You can have salsa dancing lessons, hold an impromptu dance competition, hire Tampa DJ services for a post-ceremony party, etc. Think of something that will catch your guests off-guard, and they’ll surely remember that moment for a long time.

Have a photo booth

People love to take photos. After all, it’s something you can look at to remind you of a special day in your life. Sure, your wedding isn’t going to last after a few hours, but the memories you make and the photos you take can last a lifetime!

Guests will surely enjoy having their pictures taken to commemorate this special day. Have a photo booth at the reception area with different props and costumes your family and friends can use!

Plan your grand exit

At weddings, you always get a grand entrance. But what’s often neglected is the exit. You have to make sure you end your wedding on a sophisticated note! We’re sure you don’t want the day to end, but you can’t make it last forever. The least you could do is end it with style.

Maybe you can have a fireworks display or confetti send-off. It’s up to you how you want to close the occasion, but make sure you do it in a fun, festive manner.

Weddings will always be special. Aside from sticking to the traditional ceremony, add a little spice to your wedding. Make it a day you and your guests will remember for a very long time.

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