Get a Glimpse of London through These Attractions

Red bus in motion and Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster.

London has a long and storied past that dates back hundreds of years ago. The Romans founded the city and built a civilisation that withstood the test of time, natural disasters and wars. Fast forward to today, the bustling metropolis fits the definition of cosmopolitan, blending ancient and modern within its confines.

Tourists from all over the world visit to see its major attractions, drink in the pubs, party the night away and get cultured in the museums. For convenience and the best way to explore, look for hostels here in London city centre.

If you are planning to visit London, here are some of the attractions to include in your itinerary.

See and Hear Big Ben

One of the first places tourists go to when in London is Big Ben. The structure follows a neo-Gothic design and finished construction more than 100 years ago. You will hear it toll throughout the day. The BBC uses it as a time signal and is a daily part of Londoners’ lives.

You cannot leave the city without taking a picture with it.

Hyde Park

This park is famous for both locals and tourists. This large green space is also historically significant; there have been several demonstrations that took place within its confines. It is still a famous gathering ground for debates and artistic expressions from performers.

The park is not just a political battleground, but also a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a leisurely stroll along the many walkways and just enjoy nature.

Westminster Abbey

Edward the Confessor founded this destination more than 900 years ago. Westminster Abbey is the place where coronations, weddings and royal burials took place. The grand buildings in the area will elicit awe and wonder from visitors.

Baker Street

This street gained renown because it is where the fictional character Sherlock Holmes lived in. Learn more about the detective while exploring the area. Visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Madame Tussauds while here.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

London is home to some of the most beautiful buildings in Europe, one of them is St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Great Fire that took place in the 1660s destroyed the church, but a rebuild took place straight away. The dome and Baroque towers blend in beautifully with the city’s already stunning skyline.

Have a Good Time in Soho

After a day of exploring London, make your way to Soho once the sun sets and evening covers the city. This famous (and infamous) entertainment district has many bars, restaurants and clubs where you can party the night away.

London Eye

london eye at night

The local government had this impressive structure built in 2000. This stunning observation wheel has capsules that provide fetching views of the city below. The ride takes you more than 400 feet in the air and takes about half an hour.

Covent Garden

This market is home to many shops and restaurants. Buy souvenirs, grab a bite or just walk around while staying here.

Trafalgar Square

This square has a lot of history that dates back to 1805. You will find Nelson’s Column rising more than 180 feet high, bronze reliefs and fountains within Trafalgar’s confines.

These are some of the attractions you can visit during your trip. Accommodation in a convenient location makes it easier to explore and save money, too.

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